Low temperatures mean constant wear, and unfortunately, fewer chances to wash your trusty winter coat.

By Meghan Overdeep
Woman Zipping Winter Coat
Credit: lolostock/Getty Images

You wear it day after day—on your way to work, in your car, to grab lunch, on your way home from the gym, at the grocery store, on the sidelines. Once the temperature drops, chances are good you'll be wearing your winter coat everywhere.

Unfortunately, constant wear means you probably don't get many chances to wash your trusty parka. We hate to say it, but the more time your coat spends on your sweaty, moving, breathing body, the more opportunity it has to turn into a giant petri dish.

No surprises here, but worst time for the growth of odor-causing bacteria is after you hit the gym. You're sweaty, it happens! According to Well + Good, the trick to keeping your coat clean and dry is using a third piece of clothing as a barrier—a shirt on top of your post-workout shirt. Ideally, this third garment is made out of moisture-wicking fabric (fibers that pull sweat from the body and help it evaporate faster) and contains antimicrobial or anti-odor properties.

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Kate Chow, director of research and development at Athleta, told Well + Good that the trick for creating an appropriate barrier is to "start with a base that has anti-odor fabric to wear during your actual workout. Then, add a sweat-wicking piece to throw on top post-workout to serve as a barrier between your workout top and coat."

You could also cough up the money to have your coat dry-cleaned every week!