Dressing up for summer weddings, showers, and gatherings requires a lot of thought. Obviously, you've got to find a killer dress or outfit – and then there's the hot, Southern sun to consider. How should you style your hair? If you pick leaving your hair down, it's usually a recipe for a sweaty neck and an uncomfortable reception dinner. Looking at an updo? Updos are generally a little more time-consuming and leave the potential for tendrils to be falling out mid-Sweet Home Alabama. Our solution for this style woe is to go with a half-up hairstyle. This Twisted Half-Up look from our friends at Wheelhouse Salon in Birmingham, Alabama is a pretty, easy way to keep hair out of your face and still feel dressed up for the occasion. Plus, all you'll need to style this look is some flexible hairspray – because every gal needs a little bounce in her 'do – and clear rubber hair bands.

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