Sometimes our hair doesn't look as carefree and flawless in the Southern humidity as we'd like. Loosen up your look with a head full of sweet, soft curls. This hairstyle, done in partnership with Wheelhouse Salon in Birmingham, Alabama, is great for those Southern summer weddings. Start off this look by brushing out the hair, and then using a heat-protecting product to prep for your curling iron. Separate the hair into 1-inch sections, curling away from the face, holding for around 6 seconds per curl. Be sure to let the curls rest as you work your way around the head, instead of combing through them immediately. To add extra body and volume to the look, curl a few extra sections near the top of the head. This brings lift to the crown. Once you've finished curling around the head, add hairspray to hold the curls in place. Use a flexible spray to avoid crunch (and, a humidity shielding product doesn't hurt, either!). Finally, gently comb through your curls to loosen with your fingers. Rock your Carefree Beachy Waves to every outdoor gathering you can.

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