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Haircut Every Woman Should Try
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When it comes to makeup and clothes, I love a good trend as much as the next gal. I'll try most of them on, just to see if I accidentally stumble into a can't-live-without-it lipstick or the best-ever pair of jeans. But when it comes to hair trends, I'm a lot more wary of trying new things. Highlights ("as natural-looking as you can make them, please!") are about as wild as I've gotten in the hair department, and the only time I've ever had bangs was when my mama was the one calling the shots (we haven't made that mistake since). But there's one haircut, says Arkansas stylist Mandy Ferguson, that every Southern woman should try at least once: the bob.

"No surprise, I'm sure," says Ferguson, who owns SWāNK Hair Studio in Little Rock. "The wonderful thing about a bob, no matter how classic of a cut it seems, is that it absolutely can be created to represent who you are as a person."

At its most basic, a bob is a short haircut that floats above the shoulders, but it's all about the shape of that short cut when it comes to finding the bob that suits your personality best.

"If you're super classic, keep it all one length from front to back," says Ferguson. If you're a "madly successful business woman" (or want to be one!), she recommends adding a little stack in the back and additional texture throughout. If you have a little "extra sass," Ferguson suggests pairing your bob with fringy bangs for a dynamite look that wows.

But there's one bob, she says, that's dreamy on anyone: "Add tons of texture throughout, keep it a little (or a lot) shorter in the back, and let some length fall towards the face." This style helps elongate the face, she says. I.e., it's super flattering.

See the evidence here:

And lest you be worried that a bob will steer you out of the South and far away from Steel Magnolias-approved volume, have no fear. "Being in the South still means big hair," says Ferguson. "But rather than having volume in the crown, move that volume to the mid-to-ends area with a textured big, messy curl. It keeps the classic bob cut fresh and still very Southern!"

Brb, gotta go call my stylist.

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