Meet your new mane squeeze.

Teal Wet Brush
Credit: Facebook @thewetbrush

Since I was a little girl, I've always hated brushing my hair. Quit ripping through it! my mother would exclaim as she'd watch in horror as I'd violently tear through my long strands attempting to get the task over with as quickly as possible. Delicate I was not, but I simply didn't have the patience to attempt to untangle Every. Single. Knot.

Over the years, I've cycled through endless types of hairbrushes—from drugstore paddles to wide-tooth combs to men's brushes—hoping I'd find "the one" to stop my nonstop tangles and finally give me my Marcia Brady moment where I'd be able happily comb through my mane a hundred times a day.

As a beauty editor whose tried her fair share of products overpromising results, I was skeptical when the Wet Brush came across my desk. It seemed more like something I had in my backpack in middle school than a mane miracle worker. Not to mention, at first glance its rubbery bristles gave me PTSD about those poorly made brushes that used to get stuck in my hair and force me to rip out a hunk of strands as I tried to dislodge it from the side of my head.

But I couldn't have been more wrong: The bristles glided through my wet strands on its initial pass—the usual time when I hit a ratty roadblock. In less than thirty seconds, I successfully combed my entire head without a single snarl left behind. This is thanks to the bristles' "IntelliFlex" technology which lets them firmly dislodge any knots without causing any irritation or breakage. They also have little round tips on their ends that give your scalp a mini massage. While it works great for wet and dry hair, I prefer it post-shower or swim.

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l now own three regular Wet Brushes—one for my bathroom, one that has a permanent place in my suitcase to ensure I never leave home without it, and one extra just in case. I also have a travel-size style that always comes along with me to the pool or beach—since y'all know there is nothing worse than trying to comb through sandy, beachy hair. Luckily, this detangler does the trick and has earned a permanent spot in my hair's knotty heart.