This Once-Popular Short Haircut is Back to Inspire Your Pre-Spring Chop

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Before we've even tucked away our last sweaters from the winter, we're thinking about getting a fresh pre-spring cut. And, since we're already Marie Kondo-ing our closet, why not apply her easy logic to our hair, too? She says, "The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't." See, she's on our side. Short haircut it is!

This spring, we're seeing a long-forgotten, once-beloved short cut coming back onto the scene. Here's a hint: What do Dorothy Hamill and Victoria Beckham have in common? They've both rocked the wedge haircut.

A huge trend in the 1970s, the wedge haircut lands anywhere from bob-length to pixie style. The short cut is characterized by a volume-packed crown due to layering and tapered ends at the nape of the neck. It became a popular pick for women with thin or fine hair, thanks to its ability to lift up flat, limp, or drab strands and feign thickness and volume by removing weight.

Now, the cut has been modernized with more flattering layering and angles. (As in, you aren't going to risk looking like a mushroom-shaped mane.)

Think about it: The term "wedge" makes us think of an incline. Simply put, something is getting higher at an angle. Quite literally, a wedge haircut does the heavy lifting. Thanks to lots of layers, the style looks angled or stacked, which is flattering for most face shapes. It enhances those cheekbones like nobody's business.

For a while, the wedge cut faded into the background and was traded in for the more well-known stacked bob. (Except for you, Posh!) But now, ladies are taking those angled bobs shorter, and the wedge haircut is back.

With this short style, there's no end to the possibilities. If you want bangs, go for it. Find your perfect silhouette, from a subtle A-line bob to a dramatically stacked-in-the-back crop. There's not just one wedge cut, thank the heavens. So you still have room to personalize.

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