Cut down on your washes – shampooing is more damaging than bleaching.


Curly hair is a subject of debate among all stylists. Some pros swear by a silk pillow case or specialty curl products, while others say that there's no proof that soaking up some of that water with a towel will cause extra frizz. Curly hair is controversial and tricky, so we're always looking for tips and tricks to define our curly locks.

We turned to Sara Mills, a Birmingham, Alabama-based curly hair specialist who focuses specifically on helping curly girls get the cut, wash, and style they need to put their best hair forward. She showed us the best way to cut curly hair, her styling secrets, and why it's so important for curly girls to pay attention to their washing routine.

One of the biggest things to be aware of, Sara mentions, is tangling. When you're shampooing, don't aggressively work your strands at the risk of tangling or matting your curls together. Be consistent with your washing motions. And, she shared with us, sometimes shampoo isn't the best option. A lot of shampoos contain sulfates, which are incredibly harmful to your hair. If you are using shampoo, be sure to pick a product that's free of chemicals.

But, as Sara mentions, co-washing is a better option: "There are times that, if my hair is just a mess during the week, I'll wet it and "shampoo" it with conditioner; that freshens up my scalp enough to satisfy me." This way, the damage of shampooing your hair is minimized, and your locks get a mid-week refresh.