Mama would approve.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough

In the South, summertime means fresh berries bursting in bright colors and cobblers filled with warm, melty goodness. Now, if we could capture such summertime heaven in a hair color? We'd be sold. Immediately. (What can we say, we're suckers for a trendy food-inspired hair color.)

As we live and breathe, there's a summer hair color trending that all Southerners will approve of, and it's called peach cobbler hair. You heard it right: Peach. Cobbler. Hair.

Peach cobbler hair: *exists*
Us, on the phone with our stylist:

The color was first coined by colorist Chad Kenyon who explained that he "painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss (all over) with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones" and "vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing," as reported by Allure.

It's the perfect option for Southern belles trying to warm up their look for summertime—especially those with naturally red locks. From light peachy blonde to dark caramelized peach, we're chock-full of fresh ideas.

Who wouldn't love a warm peach cobbler hair shade because, well, duh? (Cobbler is best served warm, after all.) Colorist Jade Federico has us asking for seconds of this delicious melt of rich copper, peach, and apricot shades.

Pick something bright and coppery, like this look by colorist Justin Anderson. It keeps things low maintenance for redheads and blondes alike.

Or go wild for the summer with an unexpected blend á la this mane by @hairbylindal.

This is a hair color that Mama could get on board with. But bring over a bubbling dish of peach cobbler, just in case. That should win her over.

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