VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This Microfiber Towel Has a Genius Detail That Makes Drying Hair So Much Easier

It also protects against frizz and breakage.
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Air drying hair in the summer may offer a brief reprieve from the sweltering heat, but air drying hair in the winter isn't such an enjoyable experience (wet and cold don't typically mesh well). To combat this chilly situation, you can blow dry your strands if you have the time and patience, or you can wrap your hair up in a towel. While standard bath towels are often too large, heavy, and coarse to effectively dry your hair, you can invest in a microfiber hair towel specifically designed to soak up moisture without causing damage to your locks. 

I started using the Hero microfiber hair towel from Volo this winter, and I never want to dry my hair with anything else again. The small towel is made of a microfiber material that's gentle on my fine hair, reducing breakage and frizz caused by friction. Not only is it soft and comfortable to wear, but it's also more effective at drying hair than standard towels. In fact, the brand claims the towel absorbs 10 times its weight in water and dries hair in half the time of other towels. Based on my experience, it actually seems to dry my hair faster than other methods.

In addition to its quick-drying capabilities and soft, plush material, what really stood out to me when using this hair towel was how well it managed to stay put on my head. That's thanks to an elastic strap that sits on the back of your head when the towel is properly in place. You can use the strap to hold the twisted part of the towel up so it won't fall lopsided or pull at your roots.

I put mine on as soon as I get out of the shower every day. When I take it off, my hair feels dry, soft, and kink-free—and I'm not the only one with a glowing review to share. Of the modest amount of ratings the towel has racked up on Amazon, a majority of them are five stars.

"It is very lightweight and it truly dries my hair so much faster," one shopper wrote. "With my Volo, there was a crazy clear difference in how dry my hair got after my post-shower routine."  

Another customer said, "The towel is the perfect size! Even for my long hair it's comfortable, stays in place, absorbs better than my plush bath towel, and doesn't pull or break my hair."

The handy towel is available on Amazon in gray and pink. Order one today to upgrade your hair care regimen and never be caught shivering with dripping wet hair again.

VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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