Try, we dare you.

By Patricia Shannon
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Verb Sea Texture Spray
Credit: Sephora

Bad hair days, we've all had them. Spending close to an hour curling, waving, straightening, or blowing out with nothing but blasé strands to show for it. It might be caused by bad weather or by hair product user error, but when you're stuck in a rut the cause is really of no concern. All we care about is hiding those unruly locks under the nearest wide brim. Not anymore, friends.

Let us introduce you to your new bad-hair-day saver: Verb Sea Texture Spray. It's a lightweight, body and texture amplifier that also provides the perfect amount of hold. Like everything in the lineup from VERB, an Austin, Texas-based hair-care line, Sea Texture Spray clocks in at a reasonable $16. And it's a good thing too—you're going to want to buy this stuff on repeat.

It acts almost as a ‘do refresher, lifting roots and bestowing that perfectly wind-blown look. Even the most tired of strands can't help but get in formation when this light blue can comes around.

For the best results, hold about 8 to 10 inches from hair and spray wherever you need a fix. Some days that might be from root to tip, other times a quick blast to the face-framing pieces is just the ticket. Use fingertips to tousle after application to bring a boost to those texturizing properties.

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Even if you typically steer clear of lived-in styles and prefer every hair in its place, we're going to need you to take our word for it and give this one a go. You won't find a sleek finish here but, once your strands are touched by this stuff, we doubt you'll ever look back.