Put down the basket, you're going to want a cart for this one.

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V05 Shampoo
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My motto has long been where there's free, there's me. While this shampoo isn't exactly free, it is the next best thing. During a morning scroll through one of my favorite blogs, I learned a bottle of Alberto VO5 Shampoo is a mere $0.99 at a number of retailers including both Walgreens and Kmart. My initial thought: It must be the travel size. No, friends, we're talking the standard 12.5 oz. bottle.

Here's the thing, I color my hair and put it through a laundry list of other terrible processes: curling, straightening, blow drying, teezing—the list goes on. My hair needs some serious RX when shampoo time comes around. I end up buying bottles of the pricier professional-grade suds with strict instructions to my husband that he stick to the leftover hotel mini shampoos. Inevitably though, the good stuff ends up going quicker than I can possibly use it. I know who the culprit is and he definitely has more good hair days that I do.

So, I'm going to stock him up on V05. He's a sucker for a deal—the minute he hears how much (read: how little) this shampoo costs he is going to be so on board. And, who knows, maybe he'll soon find his shampoo going a bit quicker than he anticipated. This time the culprit might just be a 5 foot bottle blonde. Sorry, bud.

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