Grab Your Old Tortoiseshell Claw Clip, Because the 1990s Hair Accessory Is Here To Stay

Back and better than ever.

We should have expected that the 1990s would never let sleeping dogs lie. Any decade that championed Furbies and Vanilla Ice is surely one with the resolve to come back around. While some trends should remain in the past, like pencil brows and frosted tips, we welcome others with complete and utter joy. Scrunchies? We've had one hiding in our bathroom cabinet this whole time.

Recently, we've been lucky enough to witness the reappearance of yet another 1990s hair accessory: the beloved tortoiseshell claw clip. We knew it well, we always loved its practicality, and it deserved better than to ever have been cast aside. Now, it's back to stay.

You might remember it from every late 1990s or early 2000s rom-com. It's a claw clip, not exclusively tortoiseshell, but more often than not, with a fierce grip made to cinch your hair into an updo complete with a flippy spout of hair. (You know what we're talking about. If not, see this how-to on the easiest claw clip hairstyles.)

Claw clips should never have gone out of style in the first place, solely due to the sheer versatility they offer. Tired of your usual ponytail? Claw clip. Didn't have time to wash your hair today? Claw clip. Want to channel Drew Barrymore, circa-Never Been Kissed? Claw. Clip.

If you're looking to invest in a claw clip, these $4 Amazon ones are the easiest investment we've made all year, but we're also sharing more favorites below. It's redemption that claw clips want, and we'll happily help make it happen.

Claw clips might be back in style, but let's leave the teeny-tiny butterfly clips in the dust, hm? Shop below.

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Prettyou 5.5-Inch Large Hair Clip Set

Best Claw Clips

These extra-large claw clips will have thick, thin, fine, or textured hair covered. They're classic and dependable.

BUY IT: $11.99;

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4-Inch Non-Slip Claw Clip Set

Best Claw Clips

Top off your look with a pop of color, courtesy these super grippy clips that come in different color combinations.

BUY IT: $13.99;

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Kitsch Metal Claw Clip

Best Claw Clips

Dress up the trend for a fancier occasion by investing in this open-shape gold clip.

BUY IT: $7.99;

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