Sound the alarm.


Our poor 90s hair. We crimped, feathered, and sprayed into oblivion. We ironed, curled, and scrunched until our strands cried out begging for mercy—or at least a weekly hair mask. Through it all, one style managed to emerge victorious with all the grace and elegance one could possibly muster in such trying times for locks everywhere.

We're referring to "The Rachel" and it truly looked good on everyone.

The more severe styles we've been seeing as of late (looking at you, blunt bangs) aren't by any stretch of the imagination one-size-fits-all flattering. A very specific face shape and hair type is required to make winners out of many of the looks du jour.

The list of outliers isn't substantial, but it is one hard-working crew. To the lineup of lobs and soft bobs we're adding one more not-so-new style that has already proven to be worthy of defining an era. That's right, we're welcoming back "The Rachel," in all her layered glory.

Fans of the relentlessly stylish Rachel Green are probably scratching their heads wondering which of her many iconic looks is making its comeback. Between the tapered bangs, collar-bone grazing lob, and who could forget those super long, super straight strands with nary a split end in sight? There are more than a few trends that were made on the set of Friends and, more specifically, on the crown of one Rachel Green. Of them all, the layered look of the early to mid 90s reigned supreme.

Ross and Rachel
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

It was layered all over with fringe that hit just below her cheekbones. There were just a few subtle highlights in the front, and ends that effortlessly framed her face. "The Rachel" we're waxing on about was a 90s icon in its own right and, finally, it seems to be reemerging from the archives (not that it was ever fully retired).

We're beginning to see an updated take on the look, this time with longer layers and a middle part. Allure recently reported that acress, model, and designer Sienna Miller was one of the first celebrities (hopefully, of many) to sport "The Rachel" update on the red carpet.

We're sure there were squeals of delight from the countless many who had been waiting for the beloved 'do to come back around. Perhaps, loudest of all, from yours truly. Can you blame us?