Luxury Hair Tool Brand T3 Just Launched a Costco-Exclusive Curling Iron

At a $100 markdown from their typical price point.

T3 Twirl Ceramic Curling Iron
Photo: T3

There goes Costco again, giving us yet another reason to hit the wholesaler for all the bulk buys and Palmetto cheese we can fit in our buggies. This time we're heading straight to the beauty section for a just-launched Costco exclusive from none other than T3, you know, the brand behind the best volumizing hot rollers of our generation? It's time to clean out the pantry because you're going to want to head to Costco for this one—and we know you're not leaving with just one thing.

T3 styling tools typically retail somewhere around $160, though some with interchangeable wands and smart functionality reach upwards of $300. But Costco's new T3 Twirl Ceramic 1.25" Curling Iron clocking in at $69.99? It's quite the steal.

I'm the owner of a T3 Whirl Trio Wand Set, and what I love most is how the ceramic barrel gives my strands a silky-finish that only requires curling once—what T3 refers to as SinglePass Technology. The Twirl Ceramic 1.25" Curling Iron has all that covered, plus five digital heat settings and a heat resistant storage pouch, which is a gem when you're the type who is always on the run but hates to leave a mess in your wake (compulsive cleaners, raise your hands!). The varying temperature settings are designed to work on a variety of hair types and textures, providing consistent and even distribution of heat with a quick recovery from fluctuations. I've found silky, frizz-free results thanks to my T3, along with a few hair products specifically designed to increase hold and volume—two of the biggest battles for my hair type.

Because the T3 Twirl has a clamp, there are certain techniques that can help you make the most of this tool. First, and this might come as a surprise, but you don't have to use aforementioned clamp. It will heat naturally due to its proximity to the hot barrel, so you can wrap hair around the barrel and closed clamp for a looser, wand-like effect. Alternatively, open the clamp and wrap hair around the barrel, holding it for two or three seconds before gently releasing the curl.

If you want a more polished look, go for the clamp. To give just a hint of laid-back style, give the end a gentle tug and hold for a second or two after you release the curl. This will unwind just a bit of the bounce but leave you with all of the polish. And, always remember, alternate curling sections away from and toward the face, though the face-framing pieces should be curled toward the back of the head to avoid looking too cutesy.

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This is one wholesaler deal we'd be remiss to pass up, so dust off that Costco card. Just kidding—we know you just used it yesterday.

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