Your dreams are coming true.

By Patricia Shannon
Syiron Phone App
Credit: Syiron

We've all been there: sitting in traffic suddenly realizing you can't remember whether or not you turned off your hair straightener. Should you turn around? Should you trust that you somehow remembered to unplug amidst the early morning chaos? The struggle is real, y'all.

Now, imagine there was a way to turn your flat iron off, no matter how many miles away you find yourself. This might be a reality if Lindsey Whitaker and her newly created smart straightener, Syiron, have anything to do with it.

The first-of-its-kind hair straightener is synced with an app that allows the user to turn off the device from literally anywhere, in addition to sending notifications when you've left it on for a certain amount of time. Chances are, you'll probably just be opening the app to confirm that, in fact, you did turn it off before leaving the house but, when being safe rather than sorry is this easy, you won't mind the second-guessing.

Wondering how you can get your hands on this smarty-pants tool? Well, it might be a while. Syiron just this week launched a crowd-funding project to raise the $75,000 needed to bring the tool to the masses. At the time we published this story, they had received close to $7,500 in pledges with 27 days remaining in the campaign.

If all goes according to plan (meaning, the team reaches their goal within the allotted time) beta production can begin as soon as December of this year, with the first models shipping in early April 2019.

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Now, if only there was an app to ensure we moved the wet laundry over to the dryer, shut the garage door, and turned off the stove.