How Southern Women Keep Sweat From Ruining Our Hair

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Here in the South, humidity is simply a fact of life. Come April, when the temperatures start rising, so does the humidity. That thick, moisture-filled air has long been something we wanted to avoid. We try to prevent the humidity by using lots of products and staying near the AC, but why fight the inevitable? 

So many of us, during the cooler months of the year, long for the kind of volume humidity helps us achieve—we should accept and embrace it once it's here. And that doesn't mean managing a giant pouf of hair or limp, weak strands all summer long. Whether you've got stick-straight hair or tight, textured curls, you can make that heavy summer hair work for you, not against you. Here are five tips for making it happen.

Here Are A Few Tips

Don't let the humidity ruin your hair!

1. Understand Humidity

Know what humidity really does
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You may know humidity causes hair to frizz, but do you know why? If you're going to work with the weather (or even if you're still hell-bent on fighting it), you ought to know what exactly is going on. Extra moisture in the air means your hair is more susceptible to damage, allowing the moisture in and out of the individual hair cuticles, which causes frizz. That frizz is exacerbated every time you brush, style, or even put your hair in a bun when it's extra humid.

2. Don't Fight Nature

Don't fight nature
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The best way for your hair to work well in the humidity is to embrace the natural state of your hair. I know it's easier said than done, especially in a place where hot rollers, teasing, and hairspray is a daily routine for many. But embracing your natural hair texture is beautiful, not to mention a time and money saver. Most importantly, you won't be fighting your hair all day if you let it behave as it wants. Have pin-straight hair? Curling it into beachy waves is futile when facing humidity. Same with straightening those natural ringlets. Work with what you already have—you might forget how hot it is.

3. Ditch The Heat

Ditch the heat
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This tip goes along with embracing your natural hair but needs repeating. Save extra time and effort by ditching your hot styling tools when it's humid this summer. We all know heat styling damages your hair, so when you put heat on your hair before entering high-humidity air, you're susceptible to even more moisture and, you guessed it, frizz.

4. Choose Products Wisely

Choose your products wisely


Embracing your natural hair texture and skipping the styling tools doesn't mean you shouldn't prep and protect your hair when it's extra humid outside. From the right shampoo to serums and gels to humidity-proof finishing spray, there are several products you can add or swap into your routine to have your best summer hair.

5. Mix Up Your Styling

Mix up your styling

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An easy fix for can't-be-tamed frizz? A simple up-do. Try a messy topknot, sleek ponytail, or loose braid when managing difficult hair is the last thing you want to do. A bonus? Any of those styles get the hair off your neck, which can be a real lifesaver in the summer heat. Get even more creative with a headscarf, bandana, or hat that keeps you cool and stylish.

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