This Shoulder-Length Hairstyle Is Poised To Be the Most Popular Cut of Summer 2022

It’s practically a hair legend on Pinterest.

Shoulder Summer Cut
Photo: @hairby_chrissy

Every now and then, one haircut can really grab everyone's attention. It has that "thing" that makes you want it—or at least the confidence or attitude it portrays. Sometimes, a certain fringed bob takes over the text chain, or a vintage pixie cut sparks a social media frenzy. It might be that we're just missing those statement cuts that used to make a real lasting mark: the Joan Jett shag, the Farrah Fawcett feather, and the Jackie Kennedy bouffant, to name a few.

Right now, we're seeing a more versatile cut taking over ahead of the summer. It's not too short, nor too long. It doesn't have any one quality, such as a blunt bang or cutting-edge angle, that will turn away even the pickiest amongst Southern women. It seems to hit just right. As in, generally flattering for all and easy enough to pull off.

The cut in question? A shoulder-skimming cut that brings flat hair back to life and feigns ultra-thickness. Since it's graced Instagram and Pinterest, the mid-length haircut has grabbed more attention than a neon pink 1980s Spandex onesie. Not to mention, it's garnered the most saves on Pinterest we've ever seen.

Stylist Chrissy Rasmussen emphasizes that "thickness and texture" are the most important goals in mind when getting the most out of this shoulder-grazing lob. Besides strategic layers, tweaking your hair part to sit more deeply on one side helps to make the cut look even thicker and more naturally voluminous.

For this cut, texture spray (we recommend Living Proof Full Dry Volume and Texture Spray for a long-holding body boost) and a curling wand will be your new pals when trying to take the already-flattering cut to more tousled, textured, and untameable heights.

For curly girls, focus on enough layering to give major oomph and volume to achieve that full body look.

Judging by the literal thousands and thousands of pins and comments, this is going to be the ultimate haircut of the summer. This only doubles down on our opinion that a lob-length haircut can really cure all seasonal blues. Go ahead, and get your inspiration on lock.

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