From sun exposure to pool water, these products can help.

By Southern Living Editors
Woman Standing on Beach with Wind Blowing Hair
Credit: Jane Khomi/Getty Images

Whether it's the sun beating down from a cloudless sky on your head during a trip to the farmers' market or taking the kids to the pool for the hundredth time in one week, summer's damaging effects on your hair don't reveal themselves until you're left looking at a parched shock of raffia paper on your head in September.

With all the other warm weather concerns we have as Southerners from the frizz-inducing humidity to the scalp sweat of 90+ degree days, it's easy to let things like protecting your strands from UVA/UVB rays or chlorine slide. But with some preventative measures now, you'll be able keep your hair looking and feeling like its usual fabulous self.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Klorane Sun Protection Protective Oil with Ylang-Ylang Wax" context="body"]

If the idea of protecting your hair from damaging sun rays is a new concept or you already find slathering sunscreen all over your skin a total drag (but it's worth it!), shielding your strands is easy with this lightweight oil, which you can spray on dry and damp hair. It also works to retain moisture and reverse the drying effects of chlorine.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner" context="body"]

The equivalent of a sno-cone or an ice cold Topo Chico for your scalp, this conditioner is soothing to overheated scalps much like aloe vera is to sunburned skin. Because it's formulated with activated charcoal, it will remove product build up and sweat while also rehydrating hair.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Invisibobble Hair Rings" context="body"]

If you find yourself throwing your hair into a bun or ponytail after during or after trips to the pool, this telephone cord-shaped hair ring will not only leave you with gorgeous, dent-free waves when you take it down after air drying, but it also won't tear or damage fragile damp hair like elastic bands do.

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[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera" context="body"]

You may know we're huge fans of Chistophe Robin's hair scrubs and pastes, but this hydrating shampoo leaves behind the kind of surprising shininess and a softness that you can't stop touching throughout the day. The perfect remedy for sun-scorched locks.

[tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak" context="body"]

Using a moisturizing hair mask once or twice a week during the summer is essential to putting moisture and manageability back into hair. This one from staff-favorite brand Kiehl's is loaded with avocado and olive oil and thick like greek yogurt so it won't drip while you let it work its magic.