Summer 2021 Hair Accessories

The 5 Trendy Hair Accessories You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

What better time to try something new?
By Flora Tsapovsky
May 17, 2021
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If you've spent the past year hanging out on Zoom (been there!), you already know the power of hair accessories like the beloved claw clip. Making things interesting on camera and more fun than your usual 'do, they add a sprinkle of fashion awareness to any outfit. This summer, as things begin to reopen, hair accessories deserve a spot in the sun. Here are the trendiest summer 2021 accessories, and where to find them.

An impressive headband

Ever since Amanda Gorman's unforgettable inauguration moment, we can't get enough of bold, bright headbands. Equally suitable for a suit or a simple t-shirt and jeans situation, a thick, noticeable headband is an instant outfit upgrade.

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Summer 2021 Hair Accessories
Credit: Bellefixe

Pretty In Pink Padded Headband

This embellished, shocking pink piece by Bellefixe has us swooning.

BUY IT: $18;

A chic bow

Thanks to the persistent charm of Bridgerton (or perhaps Kate Middleton's ongoing love for this hair accessory), bows are bound to be on this summer's hot list.  No need to have fancy tying skills-a barrette or a clip with a bow, attached to a simple hair tie, will do just fine.

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Summer 2021 Hair Accessories
Credit: Anthropologie

Floral Pleated Bow Barrette

The Anthropologie version is irresistible. 

BUY IT: $12;

Multiple hair clips

Straight from the runways, this trend is all about stacking colorful hair clips on a ponytail or a braid. To really get creative with the styling, purchase a multi-piece set of various textures, sizes, and colors.

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Summer 2021 Hair Accessories
Credit: Amazon

Funtopia Large Hair Clips

Let the inner five-year-old in you play around with this whimsical set. 

BUY IT: $9.99;

A scrunchie like no other

Looks like the scrunchies-as seen in multiple high-fashion campaigns for Spring/Summer 2021-isn't going anywhere. This summer, opt for an opulent silk or a luxurious velvet one, tied around a top knot, or simply worn on the wrist as the ultimate I-know-trends nod to the outside word.

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Summer 2021 Hair Accessories

Spring and Summer Light Silk Scrunchie Set

Try LillySilk for a dazzling variety.

BUY IT: $39.99;

A throwback claw clip

Remember those? The clips are back with a vengeance, thanks to TikTok trends, irony, and the fact the pandemic has loosened our standards. Want to pretend like it's the 90s again? Find a tie-dye, tortoise, or terrazzo option. And clip bravely!

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Summer 2021 Hair Accessories

Bali Claw Clip

Hey Maeve has many pretty suggestions to add to your cart.

BUY IT: $23;