Mama has loved the same beauty products for years. Today she tried something new. 

Style Edit Blonde Root Touch Up

Just like me, my mother has always been—and will always be—a blonde. While Mama must pay for her golden hue, it's just as much a part of her as her big brown eyes. And this comes with a high level of commitment and dedication. Showing your roots just isn't an option when it comes to our hair, and keeping up with regular salon appoints is a must. It's something Mama's been doing for the last 45 years. Towards the end of the six-week period between highlights, dark roots can make your whole dye job look drab. That's why I desperately wanted to test Style Edit Blonde Root Touch Up. Obviously the best lady for the job was the one who taught me how to be an unnatural natural-looking blonde in the first place. Here's what Mama had to say.

It's easy to use— "My favorite thing about this product is how easy it is to use. I love the built-in sponge applicator and the very compact container. You just unscrew the bottom where the applicator is, dip it in the powder, then dap on your roots where needed. It only takes a few seconds to do too. There is no mess, no smell, no mess ups and it washes out when you shampoo."

It really works and doubles as dry shampoo— "It definitely brightens my roots and makes me feel prettier when I have some root growth. An added benefit is if you didn't have a chance to wash your hair it also helps to soak up a little of the extra oil in your hair to help make it look clean again."

It's different from old root touch up products— "I've tried other root touch ups before, and they were more like actually highlighting your hair with a chemical process. It takes way more time and you have to wash your hair afterward. It was not as quick, easy or effective as this."