Balayage? Babylights? Buh-bye.

Strandlighting Hair Color
Credit: @lizhaven

Sometimes keeping up with every hair coloring trend serves us major whiplash. First came ombré, a melting gradient of hues; then, it gave way to balayage, the hand-painted strokes that look naturally kissed by the sun. Next, our mindset turned back to the basics with babylights, the most subtle of foil highlights that blend oh-so-seamlessly. And now?

We're proud to introduce babylights' younger sibling: strandlights. Strandlighting might be the hottest hair coloring technique yet—because it gives the most natural finish we've ever seen. It's basically the highest level of "your hair, but way better."

Using much finer pieces of hair and coloring just a pinch at a time, strandlights offer a blended, all-over brightened look without color-treating (and damaging) your whole head and showing those pesky roots in just six to eight weeks.

You can thank Texas-based stylist, Liz Haven of Kaleido Hair Artistry, for this trending technique. Take a look at her Instagram account, and you'll see detailed videos on strandlighting, as well as the flawless finished looks to match.

"The way the sun lightened our hair when we were kids will always be my inspiration," Haven said in her post below. "I promise you, if applied correctly, there is no horizontal line of demarcation when this grows out, easily encouraging anywhere from three to four months in between applications."

When you want to give your hair a fresh boost rather than a whole-hog transformation, strandlights offer a glowing refresh that's almost too Pinterest-worthy. No matter your current whim, these delicate foil highlights have you covered. (Now that's what we call five-star service.)

So if you're looking for low maintenance, this highlighting technique will make you look like you've been frolicking the sun—without any trace of streaky stripes as you're walking out of the salon or distinct rooting as you're taking some extra time between visits. Update your current balayage or foil highlights with strandlights, and you'll be set with a more natural all-over result.

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In the sea of hair color trends, strandlighting might be the technique that sticks around. If you're still more of a beachy balayage babe, check out these stunning inspirations before your next appointment.