Curl Up and Dye? Don't mind if we do.

The Names of These Southern Beauty Salons Are Part of the Reason They're So Popular
Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Southern beauty salons have style—that's undeniable. The styles, though, extend beyond cuts and colors and hair products all the way to the names of the establishments. The South has some great beauty salon names, from the cheeky to the clever, and Southern ladies have been known to choose a salon based on the name alone. How many puns can you make with the words "hair," "comb," and "dye"? A whole lot. So many that we've now lost count, but we've listed a few favorites below. With these Southern salons, the monikers are part of the appeal.

Atomic House of Hair

Louisville, Kentucky
Go big or go home.

Big Texas Hair

Timpson, Texas
This salon makes the most of the quintessential Texas style: big hair.

Chemically Dependent Hair Studio & Boutique

Jacksonville, Florida
Get your highlights at this salon plus a chuckle to go.

Curl Up & Dye Salon

South Pittsburg, Tennessee
With a name this funny, it has to be good.

Cuttin' Loose

Dunnellon, Florida
Nothing too buttoned-up at this establishment.

Do or Dye

Houston, Texas
This Texas salon is dramatic in all the right ways.

Foiled Rotten Salon

Jacksonville, Florida
A spot sure to turn heads.

Fringe Benefits

Little Rock, Arkansas
Anyone need a trim?

Hair N Comb Salon

Moultrie, Georgia
This stylish spot has a dedicated following.

Hair Raisers Salon

Hume, Missouri
Guaranteed to provide a hair-raising good look.

Hair We Are

Virginia Beach, Virginia
And hair we'll stay, as long as the cuts are reliable.

Just Cut Loose Barbershop and Salon

Jacksonville, Florida
Cutting loose in style.

Rock Paper Scissors

Perry Hall, Maryland
This salon takes the classic game and raises it a gorgeous cut and color.

Salon Scissor Hands

Duluth, Georgia
Snip, snip.

Sassy Salon

Charlotte, North Carolina
I'll take that perm with a side of sass, please.

Shear Perfection

Louisville, Mississippi
Need they say more?

Sunny & Shears Tanning and Hair Salon

New Bern, North Carolina
While we can't endorse the tanning side of things (SPF all the way!), it's a sweet name for a salon.

The Gab Salon and Spa

Wetumpka, Alabama
This cut comes with the gift of gab. We're all about that.

To Dye For

Greenville, South Carolina
A downtown Greenville destination to dye for.

Wheelhouse Salon

Birmingham, Alabama
We're thinking a great cut is right in their wheelhouse.

Velvet Monkey Salon

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
There has to be a story here.

The rest of the country also has some great salon names. We're sure these are worth a visit too, judging by their one-of-a-kind calling cards.

Clippety Do Dah in Greenville, Illinois
Blood, Sweat, and Shears in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Dye Hard in Milford, Pennsylvania
Hair Today in Norwalk, Connecticut
Hairloom Salon in Stanhope, New Jersey
Shearly Beloved in Anderson, California

Have you happened upon any fun hair salon names in the South? Interesting ones? How about downright silly ones? Let us know your favorite hair salons in the comments.