Goodbye split ends and hello silky strands.
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No one wants an overstretched, saggy, hanging-on-by-a-thread hair elastic on their wrist, just waiting to break in the middle of a spin class or while you’re in too deep washing your face. Until recently, I hadn’t given much thought to what I was using to hold up my hair when hanging around the house, doing my morning skin care routine, or running around town. I’d grab a pack of basic black hair ties from the drugstore, and they’d slowly but surely disappear, one by one, either haphazardly snapping at a moment’s notice or falling under the bed or into the abyss that is the crevice between my car seat and center console.

It’s not a big deal. You can just pick up another pack, I’d say—but there was one issue: Ponytails have become quite the norm in my household. And so after tossing plenty of overstretched hairbands and pulling out way too many strands in the process, I finally caved and bought a pack of cutesy silk scrunchies that kept popping up in my line of sight online. Not the fat ones that were popular circa-1990s; instead these are skinny, pale pink, and perfect for keeping hair breakage-free and frizz-protected. And since that Southern heat hits quick and hard, Slip’s Small Slipsilk Scrunchies (you might know the brand from its anti-aging silk pillowcase) are saving my poor strands from being ravaged when a ponytail is the only answer to 100% humidity. Which is way more often than I’d like to admit.

The reason these skinny scrunchies are better for your hair than those basic black ones from the drugstore comes down to the fabric. Silk treats your hair as it deserves to be treated: like a princess. No breakage, no split ends, no headaches, no creases, and no whiplash when an elastic just decides to snap on your wrist.

They come in a pack of six and an array of colors. You’ll be amazed how once you care about your hair ties, they don’t get lost nearly as easy. I instantly feel more put-together and luxurious when using one. And thanks to the no-slip technology, it’s an upgrade that fully justifies paying more than five dollars on a pack of hair ties for once. Say goodbye to sad, frizzy strands and hello to your most stylish ponytail yet. You can shop them here!

Stop wasting time on boring hair elastics that gather dust underneath your car seat and invest in these self-care scrunchies.