The Ultimate Way To Style a Ponytail in 2021, According to Pinterest

Less is more.

Low Ponytail
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There's been an overall shift towards more minimalist beauty and fashion trends over the past few years on both Pinterest and Instagram, and admittedly, sometimes we have a hard time accepting it. What can we say, we'll never give up red lipstick and those two extra spritzes of perfume before heading out the door, just like our grandmother taught us. However, it's never a bad idea to lean into simpler, more low-maintenance beauty routines when it means saving time, effort, and our sanity on a weekday.

Much like how more wearable, grow-out-resistant hair color has been all the rage—find all that inspo here—there are hairstyles quickly overtaking intricate braids, perfectly smooth topknots, and teased blowouts, one of which has become the number one cool-girl updo that takes only about two minutes to style. Say hello to the polished low ponytail, your new hairdo-in-waiting that's currently all over popular Pinterest boards.

It might sound just like your usual throw-together neck ponytail, but there are nuances to this style that turn it up from boring to effortlessly stylish. To get started, simply use a comb to brush each side of your part smoothly down to cinch at the nape of your neck. It shouldn't be too tight against the back of your head, nor lackadaisically loose. You're looking for a soft, clean look. One trick here is to use a small-bristle brush to smooth strands as you hold them loosely at the nape of your neck. That way the polished crown doesn't get disturbed when you go to cinch the ponytail.

The moment for flourishes has arrived. You can style your ponytail with a middle part or dramatic side part for easy tweaks. You can also top off the look with accessories like barrettes near your temples, as well as a tortoiseshell clip or ribbon at the base of the ponytail. This is also the perfect time to break out a scrunchie or wrap a strand of hair around the elastic for a more occasion-worthy finish.

The polished low ponytail doesn't have to be styled on straight hair, either. Those with curly or textured hair can achieve an even cooler updo by brushing the crown of the head with a smoothing oil or pomade, but leaving the texture and curls wild on the length of the ponytail for tons of extra volume.

There is no better time to mix up your beauty and hair routine without putting in too much effort, especially as we continue to spend quality time at home with loved ones.

Shop our favorite accessories to polish off your classic low ponytail below.

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Tortoiseshell Hair Clip

Tortoiseshell Hair Clip

Clamp one of these nostalgic bad boys onto the base of your ponytail over the hair elastic or in lieu of one entirely, if you have thin hair.

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Pearl Barrettes

Pearl Barrettes

These statement clips make the prettiest add-on to frame your face or keep your bangs out of your face when rocking a low ponytail.

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Silk Scrunchie

Silk Scrunchie

Add a sumptuous touch that goes way beyond your basic black hair ties. Plus, this one is 100% silk, which helps to prevent breakage and creasing.

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