Read on to achieve the perfect loose waves in record time. 


Since finding a curling wand that changed my hair-curling game a few years ago, I've been following the same routine to curl my medium-length strands: pull the top section up with a clip, curl the bottom layer first, and continue until every piece of hair is curled. That is, until recently when I was tapping through Instagram stories and found myself captivated by a hair tutorial shared by Texas blogger and mom of two, Jennifer Reed (@thesisterstudioig). She demonstrated how she's able to achieve loose, beachy waves in under 10 minutes, so I decided this was a technique I had to try for myself.

To prep hair, she starts by using dry shampoo at the roots, regardless of whether hair is clean or dirty. Jen then uses a straightener to make sure the roots and ends of the hair are straight. Hair doesn't have to be perfectly straight, just a quick once-over on the roots and ends will do.

For the curling process, she uses a one-inch curling iron. (I used my trusty curling wand and was able to achieve the same results.) Now, for the real game-changer: Instead of curling every piece of hair on my head, I followed Jen's lead and curled just the top four sections of hair on each side of my part. Starting at the roots, curling away from the face, and leaving about two inches of the end straight. After curling four pieces on each side, you'll use your fingers to brush out and loosen the curls. Then use your favorite volumizing or texturizing spray to add body and blend the curls with the rest of your hair.

Although I was skeptical that this technique would pay off for me, it worked like a charm on the first try. I got compliments from friends and co-workers who loved the natural look of my curls. Not to mention, the style lasts for a couple of days with minimal touchups required. I've officially converted to this less-than-10-minute curling routine and haven't looked back since.

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To watch the video tutorial, follow Jen on Instagram @thesisterstudioig and find the highlight titled "Hair." In addition to easy hair tutorials and must-have beauty products, Jen shares achievable and affordable style, along with a glimpse into her daily life.