Say buh-bye to balayage.


As committed to the beauty classics as we are, sometimes a hot new trend just gets us. Banana clips and vintage flipped bobs? Absolutely yes. Body glitter and hair crimpers? Not so much. 

While balayaged beach hair (think Blake Lively or Carrie Bradshaw circa-movie sequel) has been all that and a bag of chips for the majority of the late 2010s, 2021 is gearing up to be more put-together and low-maintenance at the same time with a throwback hair color trend we're ready to get on board with: one-dimensional color. And it has us calling up the salon to cancel that hair painting sesh. 

Instead of asking for multi-dimensional strokes of hair color to be applied sporadically up and down the hair shaft, we’re seeing a growing desire for glossy, all-over color (also known as single-process color) emphasized with only select highlights. For example, you can choose to just lighten up the strands that frame your face for definition.

For brunettes, that means every shade of brown hair color ever is fair game. If you’re naturally light brown, consider taking it a shade darker and richer for extra oomph. Add a gratuitous sprinkle of caramel brown hair color on the pieces that frame your face, known as the money pieces, and you’re set. 

For blondes (natural and otherwise), it might mean adding a root smudge or shadow root to make it more wearable and low maintenance. You get all of the brightness without having to go back to the salon once a month. 

And for redheads, you really can’t go wrong with a color-enhancing, shine-boosting hair gloss at the salon. If your red hair starts to fade, consider trying one of Overtone’s at-home color-depositing systems. The non-permanent, ammonia-free products gently deposit the color of your choice (with options like vibrant red, rose gold, or pastel blue) on your existing hair color. Since it’s only temporary, you can use it in the shower to revive your red strands or enhance your red-tinted natural color. 

What we won’t be doing? Coming at our mane from all sides with a multitude of different hair colors. This year is all about keeping it simple with one-dimensional color but making a statement with rich, vibrant shades. 

Now it’s just a matter of picking a base color...are we thinking mocha brown or ginger red?