35 Trendy Short Hairstyles To Try At Your Next Appointment

Time for a chop.

Curly Shoulder Shag
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No matter the reason or season, there's always a case to make for short hair. During the winter, short hair makes it even easier to wear chunky turtlenecks and avoid accidentally catching rogue long strands in your jacket zipper. Come summertime, short hair helps keep the heat and humidity from wreaking havoc on your strands that have a penchant for sticking sweatily on your neck and back.

Luckily, there are more than enough trendy short hairstyles for all hair types and textures to try that you won't be getting bored with anytime soon. From layered lobs to blunt bobs, classic crops to perfect pixies, these hairstyles for short hair will have you ready to grab those shears. (Well, maybe leave that part to your stylist.)

Here are 35 stunning short hairstyles to use as inspiration.

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Blunt Collarbone Bob

Blunt Collarbone Bob

This might be the most low-maintenance cut in the bunch. All one length and only slightly waved, it's wearable as all get-out.

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Cropped Bob

Cropped Bob

Take your long bob up a few notches—er, inches. This not-your-basic bob cut majorly delivers in the volume department.

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Fringed Lob

New Shag

A lob always feels right for those who want short, but not too short. Add wispy bangs to keep things interesting.

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Glass Hair Lob

Glass Hair Lob

We'll never get tired of a cut that makes you instantly look put-together, and this sharp and glossy lob by Texas-based stylist Chris Jones definitely does the trick.

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Windswept Crop Cut

Windswept Pixie

Put some extra zing into a pixie cut by styling it up and away from your face.

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Short Shag

Short 'n Wild Shag

Meet the cool girl cut of the year. Nothing flatters a mane of curls like getting shaggy.

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Rooty Stacked Bob

Rooty Stacked Bob

This is one of the most flattering angled bob cuts out there. Tousle it from one shadow-rooted part to the next per your fancy.

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Blunt Chin Bob

Blunt Chin Bob

Want super thick-looking ends? Leave the layers at the door. A blunt bob is always in style.

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Curly Shag

Curly Shag

This curly girl take on a classic shag would make anyone want layers and bangs this year. Layering provides lift while also framing the face.

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Subtle Stacked Bob

Stacked Chin Bob

You can feign so much extra volume with the snip of some scissors. Stacked layers do a whole lot of magic on their own.

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Tousled Chin Bob

Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyles

If you're trying to update your current bob, ask for layers and take the length up to your chin.

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Classic Stacked Bob

stacked bob
Julie Facer / @headrushdesigns

You can never go wrong with a classic. The stacked bob will always be here to stay.

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Curly Lob

Volume Curls

If you're scared to make the big chop, meet your hair goals in the middle with this mid-length bob. Added texture gives this cut volume that's unmatched.

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Fringed Long Bob

Fringed Long Bob

We can't think of a reason that we shouldn't rock this signature fringed long bob this year. It feels slightly nostalgic.

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Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie

One super stylish pixie cut, coming right up. You can keep the top long to ensure you have plenty of styling potential.

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Layered Shoulder Cut

Layered Lob

When in doubt, go for long layers. It's a surefire way to freshen up any length.

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Relaxed Shoulder Cut

Hints of Cinnamon

The low-maintenance folks out there will appreciate this super easy shoulder cut with subtle balayage color for an extra pop. This style looks great at any length.

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Textured Shoulder Cut

Textured Medium Cut
Becky Miller / @beckym_hair

If you think dry texturizing spray is everything, this haircut is right there with you. Shorter in back and longer in front, with alluring side-swept bangs⁠, you won't be short on personality.

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Shaggy Chin Bob

Shaggy Chin Bob

Blunt bobs have been all the rage, but we're also into a shaggier way of shearing this year. Add curtain bangs, and you're set with a statement-making cut.

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Fully Fringed Bob

Choppy Curly Bob

Bring on the bang-heavy bob, please. Slight layering gives blunt ends a less heavy appearance, especially on curls.

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Sculpted Crop Cut

Sculpted Crop Cut

Play up your natural texture—whatever it may be—with a cropped pixie cut that styles itself. Keep it longer on top for major versatility.

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Soft Curved Bob

Soft Curved Bob

We're taking this retro short style all the way to the salon. It curves into the jawline and collarbone in a most flattering way.

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Layered Curls

Curly Shoulder Shag
@natalieannehair / Instagram

Just because you're going short doesn't mean you have to go small. Let those curls go big or go home with a shoulder-grazing cut with all the layers and volume.

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Midi with Front Framing

midi with front framing
Becky Miller / @beckym_hair

Framing is a great option for added dimension and length in a hairstyle. This cut by stylist Becky Miller plays the line of shorter hair with a whole lot of oompf.

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Piecey Pixie

Piecey Pixie
Tim Duenas / @timduenashair

Make a bold statement by cutting locks into a perfect ultra-short pixie. Throw in some styling gel or pomade for all-day hold.

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Shoulder-Grazing Layered Cut

Shoulder-Grazing Layered Cut

Invest in a layered cut that makes the most out of every ringlet. For a little something extra, ask for wispy bangs.

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Faux Bangs Lob

Faux Bangs lob
Becky Miller / @beckym_hair

Create the illusion of bangs at your next appointment by asking your stylist to add just a little bit of shorter framing at the front of your face.

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Subtle Straight Shag

Subtle Straight Shag

We've all seen our share of curly shags and long textured shags recently. This take by stylist Sal Salcedo is perfect for straight-haired gals who want to give their mane a dose of cool.

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Pumped-Up Curly Pixie

Pumped-Up Curly Pixie

Tight curls are made for a fun cropped cut. Get gravity-defying height by shaping your curly mane longer on top.

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Mid-Cut with Concave Layers

concave layers
Tim Duenas / @timduenashair

Concave layers achieve a whole lot of movement in a cut. We love how this look by stylist Tim Duenas brings all the focus right to her face.

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Thick Curly Bob

Curly Bob


This look is⁠ tres chic. Slight graduation in the back of the cut leads to one-length framing the face perfectly.

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Peter Pan Pixie

Peter Pan Pixie

Something about this cut by stylist Rebecca Haehnle feels full of life, and it makes getting a pixie cut feel a little less daunting.

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Textured Bob

Curly Bob

Ask your stylist for interior layers for additional movement in your short cut.

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Short Hair Long Fringe

bob with long framing
Julie Facer / @headrushdesigns

Move over cropped bangs, there's a new look in town. Stacked layers in a bob cut with long framing in the front gives this look by stylist Julie Facer a whole lot of interest.

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Textured Razor Bob

wavy bob w texture
Tim Duenas / @timduenashair

A little bit of texture does a whole lot more than you'd expect to bring volume to a bob cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most popular short haircut for 2023?

    While length and style are dependent on the person getting the haircut, the most asked-for hairstyles of the year are going to be lived-in and low-maintenance, whether that means making the most of your curls with a short shag haircut or giving major volume to flat hair with a bob that has plenty of layering.

  • What is the best short hairstyle for older women?

    Many great short hairstyles for women over 60 are stylish, elegant, and easy to fit into your lifestyle. A short hairstyle can instantly revitalize your look at any age. We recommend choosing a classic cut, such as a bob or shoulder-length cut, that offers timeless appeal and requires easy styling.

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