Short Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Don't make these bob blunders.

There are so many reasons to love short hair. One of which is just how easy it can be to style. Unfortunately, short hair can also be mighty finicky and downright temperamental without the right TLC. No matter what your short hair length or texture, avoid these short hair styling mistakes to ensure you locks repay your efforts with endless good hair days.

Overworking It

Whatever you do, don't force it. Your hair is entitled to a bad day occasionally (aren't we all!). If things aren't working out, skip the extra effort and call this one a loss, or throw your hair up in one of our favorite short-hair styles if it's long enough. Trying to brush, tousle, or generally manipulate your hair into submission can oftentimes make matters worse. Avoid this pitfall by keeping your hands (and tools) off if you find things aren't going your way.

Selecting the Wrong Hairspray

You might end up looking like you're wearing a football helmet by the time you put down that can of super firm hold hairspray. Opt for a texturizing spray instead. It will give your hair light hold and body without sacrificing movement.

Going Too Long Between Trims

Scraggly ends are no friend of the shortcut, particularly if you started with a blunt bob. A good shortcut takes a bit of maintenance to keep up appearances so pre-book appointments every 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the length of your strands.

Using an Improper Curling Technique

If you've ever attempted beachy waves only to end up a Shirley Temple look-alike, it's probably because you were using the wrong tool and/or the wrong technique. When curling short hair, use a large-barrel curling iron for added volume or opt for a straightening iron to create beachy waves. Another rule of thumb is to always curl the front, face-framing pieces away from the face. Alternate curling the remaining sections to the front and others to the back to create a more natural look.

Not Going Natural

Short hair is a great time to show off your natural texture with minimal fuss and maximum manageability. Air-drying and co-washing work wonderfully on a variety of hair types as long as it's primed with a face-flattering cut. Don't be afraid to flaunt what your Mama gave you.

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