The Perfume Ad You Need To Show Your Friend Who's Thinking About Going Short

Ladies, brace yourselves for major hair goals.

Lily Collins Lancome Ad
Photo: Pinterest / Lancome

If you're on the hunt for a new short hairstyle (or know someone who is), consider it found. While perusing the great abyss that is Pinterest, we came across a beauty campaign featuring some of the best hair we've seen in a while. Let us introduce you to Lancome's Miracle Blossom perfume ad featuring Lily Collins. Collins' short cut with long layers is the stuff of our best-hair-day dreams, and has undoubtedly already inspired thousands of shear-wielding stylists.

The haircut falls just above the chin and, even though this ad is a few years old, it has the full look we're seeing a lot of lately. This likely comes as no surprise to Southern girls who abide by the "classics never go out of style" mantra. Collins' long layers provide movement and are a fast trick for faking thicker hair. The layer length also adds to the universally flattering appeal of this cut. Shorter layers could be trickier to pull off, but keeping some length will work with a variety of face shapes and features.

A round brush is going to be your best friend when styling this cut, but you can use a 2-inch curling iron to add in some waves if you're not a blowout whiz. Fans of the slightly toussled look (count us in with that crowd) can give it a spritz of texturizing spray to finish.

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No matter where you meet your short hair inspiration, finding a signature style doesn't mean you have to wear it for years. We're all for finding a cut that makes you happy and keeping it until you're ready for something new.

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