This Bob-Styling Trick Will Change the Way You Do Your Hair

Just ask the 100K-plus Pinterest users who repinned it

How to Style a Long Bob
Photo: The Beauty Department

We're absolutely addicted to hair tutorials. We could sift through Pinterest and YouTube all day looking for the latest tricks for making everyday our best hair day ever. Imagine our excitement when, thanks to the newly unveiled 2017 Pinstyle Report from Pinterest, we stumbled upon a story about how to curl short hair that's been pinned more than 100,000 times. Of course, we had to do some investigating to find out what all the fuss is about.

The tutorial, which originates from The Beauty Department, features an eight-step process for curling short hair that results in loose, beachy waves. We know, eight steps sounds like a bit much, but it's easier than it sounds. The model in the demonstration has what appears to be relatively straight hair that's cut to a shoulder-length lob, or long bob. If you have longer or shorter hair you'll be happy to know this hair curling technique should work for you too.

The process starts with a typical blowout, but most of us have that technique down.

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There are a few key technique takeaways from The Beauty Department's tutorial. The first is the pretty standard process of dividing hair into sections. They did three horizontal layers, but add more if you have thick hair. With a wide-barrel curling iron, curl the first section of hair away from your face. The tutorial mentioned the trick to loose waves is "dragging" the curling iron (technique two), so the ends of your strands are straight. Word to the wise: You'll want to be sure to use an iron that doesn't snag your hair. If your tool isn't up to par, curl with the standard clamp-and-release technique and just tap the ends with a straightening iron to get a similar effect.

Repeat the process after taking down the next section of hair. This time, curling toward the face. See what they did there? Technique three is all about alternating curl directions with each layer. For the final layer, curl away from the face again.

Finally, and this is important, don't comb the curls out until they've cooled completely. This will test your patience, but the results will be worth it. To find out more about the exact curling iron and styling products used in the tutorial, as well as step-by-step photos, visit The Beauty Department.

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