The New (Old) Bob Styling Trend We're Happy To See Making A Comeback

Welcome back, old friend.

Elizabeth Debicki
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The days of stick-straight bobs might be behind us. Those angular, unforgiving lines work on some, but by no means the masses. It's of little consequence to most of us though. Just as we wouldn't try to cram our size 7 ½ foot in a 6 shoe, we are too well versed in the passing of trends to try and make something work that's just not meant to be. It's the others that we're concerned about, the ones who go hither and thither riding the fads like a leaf in the wind. Things rarely end well for the trend seekers. Bless them.

We're about to get on the trend train though, and we have a feeling you'll be punching your ticket for this one too. If you haven't noticed already, soon you'll be seeing styles that reveal the softer side of chin-grazing crops turning up everywhere from the super market to the red carpet. The style is shifting from straight, limp locks to demure, gently curled-under looks with a heavy side part.

Sound familiar? This particular style has already made a few comebacks with slightly varying iterations since its peak of popularity in the mid-20th century. In the 1950s it was characterized by plenty of volume and soft, brushed out waves. A stiff, helmet-like 'do took over in the 1960s when Jackie Kennedy curled out just the bottom layer for a little flair. And how can we forget that sleek, 80s bob with a row of brow-skimming bangs and center part (think Michelle Pfeiffer)? Now our short cuts feature a swooping part and soft, natural looking movement with those classic curled-under ends that soften and frame the profile expertly. Keep the heavier section free flowing but consider pinning or tucking the opposite side behind your ear. It'll clean up the look, making that part appear even more exaggerated. You know we love to bring the drama.

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We're all about short haircuts right now and, lucky for us all, there's one for everyone—seriously, we've done the legwork on this. From pixies to lobs, short cuts aren't a one-size-fits-all. Find a style that works for you and don't let that well-meaning friend (or us) convince you to cram your foot in a shoe that's just doesn't fit. The "beauty is pain" mantra has no place here.

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