The Best Short Haircuts for Thin Hair

Bob with texture
Photo: Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

If you've grown up with thin hair, you've probably tried to combat it in every which way—from vitamins to strengthening products to hair masks. While all of those products can be beneficial, why not work with the hair you've been blessed with. With just a couple of snips, shorter hairstyles for thin hair can bring major volume to your not-so-thick locks. We've searched for the most stylish ways to make your thin hair look full and thick, and you'll be amazed how these haircuts will completely transform the appearance of your hair. These short haircuts for women with thin hair will add texture, volume, and "oomph" to your hair that you never knew it had before.

So if you've searched for the best haircuts for fine hair, look no more. Check out these fabulous haircuts and take yourself and your thin head of hair to the salon for an update. There's no reason not to love your hair.

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Asymmetrical Lob

asymmetrical lob
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

If you don't want a super short cut but you want your hair to look thicker, go with an asymmetrical lob that's longer in the front than the back. Long layers add dimension and depth.

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Wavy Bob

Wavy bob
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

The subtle waves in this bob add volume and make the hairstyle appear fuller. Lightly textured ends maintain the thickness of the hair.

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Long, Layered Pixie

Pixie with texture
Sarah Webb / Salon Modello

You can achieve the appearance of thicker hair by asking your stylist to use straight lines when cutting your hair, says Sarah Webb, a stylist at Salon Modello in Atlanta, Georgia. Certain styling tools can also help you achieve more volume and control. "My go-to styling tool with a cut like this is a Denman brush," Webb says. "It gives you control with the hair, while keeping it smooth at the same time."

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Subtle Stacked Bob

Bob with texture
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

A stacked bob uses lots of layers at the back of the head to add bulk. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can still get the effect of one without a major chop. Light layers and texture around the whole head make this hairstyle pop. Curling pieces around your face also helps with defining facial features and adding lift to the look.

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Beach Wave Lob

beach wave lob
Kali Delta / @hairbykalidelta

Go bold with a unique color that's still understated with lowlights at the roots like this look by Kali Delta, a stylist based in Tampa, Florida. Keeping curls in the middle of the hair shaft creates the illusion of more volume at the roots and elongates the hairstyle.

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Bob with Deep Side-Part

bob with A-line cut and deep part
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

Parting your hair with a deep part to one side adds immediate volume. Try parting it to the opposite side than you usually do for even more of a boost.

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Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

Stacked bob
Sarah Webb / Salon Modello

Achieve major volume for that va-va-voom look with mousse and texture sprays. "Layers create texture, movement, and volume," Sarah Webb says. We're loving the long layers and movement in this bob cut.

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Blunt Ends

long hair transformation
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

With a short, blunt cut, the hair looks stronger and healthier and automatically draws the eye to your jawbone. We love this dramatic transformation done by stylist Casi Stauffer in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Subtle Dimension

Subtle Dimension
Janna Wright / @janna_hairperfection_stylist

"Adding subtle dimension helps to give the illusion there is more hair," says Janna Wright, a stylist in Richmond, Virginia, at Hair Perfection salon. Use hair care products to help plump the hair cuticle when styling, she adds.

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Highlights and Lowlights

lob fringe
Casi Stauffer / @casistauffer

Subtle highlights will add depth to thin hair, but don't go too light. Be sure to keep lowlights and darker roots for a base. Mixed-in highlights create the illusion of more layers and fuller hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does thin hair look better when cut short or long?

    Thin hair looks the most flattering when cut to shoulder-length or shorter, as it adds weight and fullness. Blunt ends and full bangs add more texture and volume than layers for individuals with thin hair. 

  • What is styling advice for thin hair?

    Avoid using too many hair products or too much conditioner for individuals with thin hair because it can add unintentional weight. Also, use a round brush when styling hair with a blow dryer. Keep hair to a shoulder-length or shorter cut and protect your scalp.

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