These Short Hairstyles Make Going Gray Look So Easy and Ageless

Short Gray Hairstyles
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Any woman who decides to let her gray roots take over usually doesn't ever go back—because those frequent color appointments sure take up a lot of time that could be spent doing more enjoyable activities like spending time with loved ones, watching Hallmark movies, or baking chocolate chip cookies. We'll always advocate doing whatever feels comfortable in or out of the salon, especially when it concerns letting hair go au naturale. Whether you're tired of coloring your hair, ready for a change, or just excited for the next stage in life, it's never a bad time to embrace those grays.

While it might seem a daunting transition, there are ways to make it easy and breezy. Start by blending your natural gray into your salon color with strategic highlights before moving on to a trendy new short haircut that'll help make up the difference. The result? A silver beauty with time to spare—and cash, you know, from all those now-canceled color appointments.

Find all the inspiration you need with these gorgeous short and mid-length gray hairstyles to show to your stylist.

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Ultra-Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob

Add instant volume with a stacked bob that features shorter length in the back and longer, angled length in the front. Stacking adds loads of volume to the back of the head.

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Wavy Crop Cut

Short Gray Hairstyles
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Invest in the health of your hair by snipping off split ends and saying hello to full gray in one fell swoop. (Get a head-start by letting those roots grow out first.)

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Straight Lob

Straight Lob

You can't beat a largely layer-free lob cut. This platinum silver long bob is easy to style and low-maintenance all around.

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Side-Fringed Crop

Sideswept Crop

Take your signature bob up a few inches to a crop cut. Add personality by accenting with fun side fringe.

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Blunt Collarbone Cut

Full Cool Gray
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We can't help but swoon over a hairstyle that sweeps just so over the collarbones. Ultra-flattering, always.

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Relaxed Lob Cut

Short Gray Hairstyles

A collarbone-skimming cut will always be in style. Use lowlights to add depth to your color and help the transition to gray.

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Blush Fauxhawk

Blush Fauxhawk

A little undercut never hurt anybody. Pair with a blushed-over gray, and you're set with a hairstyle that feels anything but old.

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Layered Shoulder Cut

Choppy Shoulder Cut

Sometimes the answer lies in the details, especially for those who don't want to go crazy at the salon. Simple layers sculpt this classic hairstyle into something more fashionable.

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Classic Mid-Length Curls

Classic Curls

You can incorporate your gray and still have fun with color. Spice up naturally gray with a multi-dimensional blend of blondes.

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Curly Side Fringe

Short Gray Hairstyles
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For those wanting to change up their already-shorn strands, wispy bangs—especially springy, curly wispy bangs—have got major charm.

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Layered Wavy Lob

Layered Lob

Shine is the name of the game with this classic hairstyle. Make sure to invest in a hydrating hair mask and nourishing oil.

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Subtle A-Line Lob

A-Line Lob

Turn your usual hairstyle on its head and make it more modern. This basic silver bob was transformed into something way more interesting with an oh-so subtle angle with shorter length in the back.

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Single-Length Chin Bob

Mushroom Gray

Start by blending incoming gray with your brunette base for a seamless entry into the world of naturally gray hair. Add a bob, and you're ready for any occasion.

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Silver Babylights

Silver Babylights
@mizzchoi / Instagram

If you just have whispers of gray, ask to accentuate around the face with babylights. With a touch of plum, it can be downright fun to go gray.

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Layered Mid-Length Cut

Layered Mid-Length Cut

Keep things easy on the eyes (and reduce styling time) with a layered shoulder blade-skimming cut. Longer layers require less maintenance than short layers.

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Side-Parted Curls

Short Gray Hairstyles
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Curly hair has the benefit of blending gray into your base color seamlessly with all of its twists and turns. Ask for a layered cut that pumps up natural texture and volume.

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Undercut Crop Cut

Undercut Crop Cut

This crop cut has more 'tude than everyone's little sister in the middle of her "difficult" phase. An undercut accent draws the eye every time.

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Face-Framing Shoulder Cut

Snowy Gray

Let your natural beauty shine through with a snowy gray lob with layers that highlight your facial features. The darker base color adds lots of depth to this cut.

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Angled Blunt Cut

Angled Blunt Cut

Blunt hairstyles are already high on our list of hairspiration, but this looker by stylist Linda Lehto adds an extra angled touch that has us screenshotting for later. A cool blonde shade blends well with white or silver hair.

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Cropped Pixie

Curly Super Pixie
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All the classicists with no extra time on their hands can sit pretty with an ultra-short pixie cut. Consider your styling time cut down to zero.

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A-Line Shoulder Cut

Transitional Gray

We're here for this gradient hair color, fittingly paired with a razor-sharp shoulder cut. Switch things up by transitioning from light hues down to dark.

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Cheekbone Bob

Woman with Gray Hair Short Bob
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Make that bone structure really sing with a micro-bob that hits right at your cheekbones. This cut is just spunky enough to make a statement.

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Shaggy Shoulder-Length Cut

Shoulder-Length Shag Cut

Curls already know how to command a room, but silver curls? These are the real head-turners. Ask for shaggy layers and bangs to complete the look, seen here by stylist Dilenia Perez.

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Razor-Sharp Long Bob

Razor-Sharp Long Bob

Letting your gray take over is an ageless matter, whether you're an early snow bird or simply want faux silver strands. Either way, this sleek long bob is a show-stopper.

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Classic Shoulder Cut

Classic Shoulder Cut

Don't overthink things. Embracing your gray doesn't have to be a huge affair. Keep your classic medium-length cut on deck.

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Big Southern Curls

Big Southern Curls

Because these transcend both time and age bracket. Nothing makes gray hair pop like sitting a spell in the hot rollers.

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