A saving grace for sad, limp strands.
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Scalp Brush
Credit: Amazon

Limp, lifeless strands. Slow hair growth. Flat roots. These are all very common hair issues that the average woman deals with on a daily basis. While we can certainly throw as many hair products as we want at those downtrodden roots, it all really comes down to scalp health. A healthy, clean, exfoliated scalp ensures that follicles aren't blocked or suppressed and oil glands aren't over-stimulated, which are two of the biggest contributing factors to slow hair growth and dull strands

Scalp scrubs have become quite the trend as of late, but they can also be messy and tack on an extra 15 to 20 minutes to your shower. Instead of wasting time and money and hot water, a busy gal is better off investing in a scalp brush that cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates, and revitalizes your hair and scalp without having to alter your shower routine. Our pick? The best-selling shampoo brush from Amazon. It has over 13,000 reviews—of which over 4,500 are five-star—and shoppers can't stop, won't stop, raving about the scalp-massaging gizmo that has put major life back into sad strands. 

Amazon Scalp Brush
Credit: Amazon

More still, reviewers note that it is super helpful for those dealing with major product buildup (especially for you, curly girls!), dandruff, a dry scalp, oily roots, and even eczema. Basically, it increases how well you're able to work shampoo into the roots for the best post-shower blank canvas ever. 

Shoppers describe using the brush: "Felt like I was taking off a decade of much needed exfoliation from my scalp." "Makes it feel like your hair is being washed by a professional every time." "Definitely a lifesaver for those who suffer from dandruff." "My hair is shiny like a unicorn butt!" Overall, a consensus of sorts: This thing is worth the cool $9. You can shop it here. 

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From limp strands to knockout volume, your hair has never felt so full of life and oh-so squeaky clean.