From product build-up to scalp cleansing, these are our new go-to good hair day finds.
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Bumble and Bumble Scalp Detox
Credit: @bumbleandbumble

There are bad hair days, and then there is the dreaded bad hair week. Days drag on with a combination of frizzy, unmanageable, dry, weighed down, lifeless locks and no amount of texturizing spray or hair oil will bring them to bounce or behave.

While it might be your first instinct to tame your strands into submission via countless control products and heat tools, therein lies the problem. Even if you wash your hair daily, product can build up on your scalp and roots making hair dull and undoable, while too many attempts to course correct with the blow dryer or curling iron can leave your ends looking more scarecrow than Sheryl Crow. Hey, the lady has great hair.

The solution? A product that's more about subtraction than addition. These three cleansing agents are gentle but effective ways at cutting through buildup and bringing shine and shazam back to your hair.

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Just like micellar water is the gold standard for makeup removal, when applied to the scalp in the form of this foam, it lifts hair back up by the roots and remove tackiness and heaviness even from the head of the most devout dry shampoo user. Bonus: the fizzy, cooling sensation when applied has a psychologically invigorating effect.

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For those with very fine hair or those with hair that has become the equivalent of an apathetic preteen rolling its eyes at you, this paste imparts shine, softness, and a significant amount of volume. Since this subtly rose-scented product works as a ultra-thick shampoo, there's no need to wash it afterwards.

Klorane Vinegar Shine Rinse

Like a gentler, more hair-friendly version of your grandmother's apple cider vinegar wash, this chamomile-infused rinse works especially on blonde tones or anyone with gold highlights that have gone dim. If your shower sprays hard water, using a diluted amount of this twice weekly will keep mineral deposits from weighing your hair down.