Our travel editor is obsessed with this do-it-all tube. 
Hair at the Beach
Credit: Dave and Les Jacobs / Getty Images

My hair occupies a world between low and high maintenance, or in musical terms, somewhere between a folk singer and VH1 Divas Live. While I've never had the kind of hair that can sustain a blow-out for more than 32 hours, you also won't find me inserting hot rollers every morning. Like a preschooler making pancakes, air drying rarely yields a consistent shape, but I am not one to take an arsenal of hot tools in my weekender bag either.

In fact, it is often hair products in my carry-on that both weigh me down and have the biggest propensity to leak, explode, or not meet the TSA decrees on liquids, gels, or aerosols. My strands respond best to volumizing sprays and smoothing oils, but my bank account does not respond to spending $12 on a travel-size version for just three or four uses.

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When I first found the Phyto 9 Nourishing Day Cream, I thought that this tiny tube was an airplane-approved size too only to find that it was the full-size product. But once I dispensed said cream, it all made sense. Unlike most creams and oils which never seem to spread evenly to all the strands in need of taming, the Phyto product quickly emulsifies in your hand and applies as evenly and quickly as melted butter on a corn cob.

The benefits are numerous: deep hydration without the greasy or slick look; intense repairing power with a featherweight feel; heat protection; frizz deflection; softness; shine; body for air-dry looks; Bardot-style texture and va-voom when used with a blow dryer.

But perhaps my favorite feature is the fact that this teensy tube frees up much-needed real-estate in my carry-on bag for souvenirs or my travel steamer and makes for one less thing to worry about at the airport.