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There are so many ways we can go wrong with our hair: over-washing, over-processing, over-styling, and even—as we recently found out—letting it air dry. Here, we're digging into the facts around over-washing hair and how to determine if your habit of washing hair daily is doing more harm than good.

So, just how often should you wash your hair? That depends on a variety of factors like your hair texture, styling products, and your personal preferences. Washing hair everyday can work for one gal, while another might only be able to wash her hair two times a week before she starts to see some unsavory side effects of her suds habit. Here's how to know which camp you belong to.

You're Running Out Of Product

If you find yourself needing extra serum to tame frizz, if you're laying on the hairspray with a heavy hand, or even pulling your hair back to avoid one lackluster hair day after another, you might be over washing. Shampoo can eliminate hair oils that work double time to give your strands a healthy shine and keep frizz at bay.

You're Reaching For Dry Shampoo On The Reg.

Lathering up too much can fool your strands into thinking they need to produce more oil than necessary, since your shampoo habit is continuously eliminating all those natural oils. You might be able to retrain your hair to produce less oil by adding an extra day between shampoos.

Your Scalp Is Dry

If, on the other hand, you have a case of snowy shoulders, it might be a result of shampooing too often and with the wrong formula. If you have a dry scalp try cutting back on your lathers and opt for a moisturizing shampoo that will hydrate both your hair and your scalp.

Your Color Is Fading Too Fast

We're sure your stylist loves to see you (and vice versa, of course), but that doesn't mean you want to bust your budget correcting your suddenly brassy strands. You guessed it: Over-washing can strip color, meaning a touch-up might be needed sooner than you think.

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