Wave Spray OUAI
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This $26 Spray Is My Secret To Achieving Effortless Beachy Waves

And how I significantly cut down my morning routine.
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The irony of having wavy hair is that even when you want to wear it naturally, you're still forced to put in a bit of effort. I have 2b waves, so my hair is neither super tight coils nor pin straight strands. Previously, I would blow dry, flat iron, and then wand-curl my hair to get those tousled, fresh-off-the-beach waves—until I was introduced to the Ouai's Wave Spray

I've been burned by wave sprays before: Many promise to give me the bouncy, shiny, island curls of a mermaid. Instead, most of these formulas made my hair sticky, parched, and frizzy—most likely due to the salt-water formula.

Unlike sea salt-based sprays, the Ouai Wave spray is made with rice protein and nourishing coconut water, so my hair feels soft and shiny with each use. It also has a musky, floral scent that makes my locks smell like I just got an expensive salon blowout, which is always a nice perk. 

Wave Spray OUAI
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Buy It: $26; nordstrom.com

I've been a fan of this wave spray for years, but it's become infinitely more valuable to me now that I am working from home. The product truly requires no additional styling, so I can jump out of the shower and hop onto a Zoom call. All I do is mist it all over my damp hair and wait for it to air dry. The result is textured beachy waves that previously took me hours of styling time to obtain. Tip: I often apply the product to my damp hair before bed so it's already dried once I wake up. 

Another perk now that I work from home? My waves stay for days. I'm trying to wash my hair less and the longer I go between washes, the more piece-y and textured my hair becomes thanks to the wave spray. Sometimes I re-spritz my hair with the product because I think the rice protein helps to soak up some excess oil—I can't tell you if that's actually true, but the product definitely revives my style. Below is a quick snapshot of my day three hair as evidence.

Ouai Wave Spray
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If you're looking to ditch your hot tools for the summer, cut down your morning routine, or finally achieve the perfect beach waves without having to go to beach, shop the Ouai's Wave Spray now.