Meet the answer to your flat-hair prayers.

By Betsy Cribb
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Credit: Lambert/Getty Images

If the big hair of the ‘80s ever swings back into style, I'm toast.

My hair is unmotivated when it comes to trying new things: It's stick-straight, so fine it slips through thick hair ties, and won't hold a curl to save its life. Once, a Drybar pro (with the help of approximately one zillion hair products) gave me loose waves that saw me through a wedding and the first 20 minutes of the reception, and I considered that a big hair win.

Over the years, I've tried a number of products that promised to make my hair look full and feel thick, in search of that ever-elusive lift and volume that so many Southern women seem to have in spades.

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For the past few years, I'd settled into a ho-hum relationship with a body-and-texture builder that I'd toss in my grocery cart every eight months or so, whenever my bottle at home ran out. In terms of amping up my volume, it made a noticeable difference—score!—but it also made my hair a little crunchy and occasionally a little sticky. Not ideal, but it was the price I was willing to pay for hair that wasn't plastered to my head.

But then our beauty editor, Patricia Shannon, showed me the light and introduced me to OUAI (pronounced "way") Haircare's Volume Spray.

Credit: OUAI Haircare

Cue the singing of the heavenly host. This stuff is amazing.

While my hair is still damp, I spray the mist all over my hair, root to tip; work it through with my fingers; then blow-dry my hair with a round brush. Done! My hair not only feels fuller and weightier; it looks like it has more body, with serious lift at the roots that sticks around all day. Plus, it doesn't leave that crunchy, tacky film that I'd started to believe was a non-negotiable of having more voluminous hair. Rather, it made my hair look shiny and healthy. Life. Changed.

The spray also has hibiscus extract in it, which makes it smell sweet and fresh. I love finishing my ‘do with those fragrant notes, but if you're sensitive to smells, this may not be the volume fix-it for you…one reviewer wrote that she found the floral scent a little overpowering.

The 4.7-oz. bottle will set you back $26, but good hair with all-day lift? Well, that's priceless.