This $28 Restorative Hair Mask Turned Back Damage from Years of Highlights and Heat Tools

It's the new gold standard.

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I've been striking out with hair products lately. It seems if a product is hydrating, it's also heavy and doesn't rinse out properly or thoroughly. If it's lightweight, it leaves my hair feeling like straw and looking fuzzy and frizzy. Now, I'm sure most of the products I'm kicking to the curb work for some and, likewise, products that work for me are lackluster for others—with so many hair types, it would be near impossible to find one that we can all agree is worth the investment. Against all odds, though, 700-something reviewers of Opalex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask agree it's the new gold standard, and I must say, I am completely on board. Just take a scroll through the review photos if you're dubious.

Opalex products are known for their patented bond-building technology that strengthens compromised hair, repairing and nourishing strand by strand. Their new moisture-boosting mask uses this same proprietary formula, this time in an ultra-rich treatment ideal for once-weekly use.

Benefits include reduction in frizz and more moisture, shine, body, and smoothness. The brand recommends pairing the mask with Opalex No. 0 Intense Bond Building Hair Treatment and No. 3 Hair Perfector for best results, though, I was pleased with the results and only used along with my normal daily shampoo.

To use, I shampoo as normal, then apply two pumps to my hair. The brand suggests two pumps for shoulder-length hair, more for thicker or longer hair, and less for shorter or thinner hair. After I smooth it through from about mid-length to ends, I use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute, then it sits for about 10 minutes. Once I rinse my hair, it's undeniably softer, smoother, and less tangled. I continue to see this reduced frizz and increased hydration throughout the week, with an absolute increase in benefits with consistent use.

Opalex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

Opalex No.8 Moisture Mask

BUY IT: $28;

Designed for all hair types, this mask isn't the heavy, thick formula you might be expecting. It's thin enough to come out of the pump bottle with ease, and, thanks to the consistency, is able to be spread through strands like a dream.

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