Best. Hair day. Ever.

By Wesley Shaw
December 11, 2017
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Michael Radford Photography
| Credit: Michael Radford Photography

True curly girls know the tedious (and often-fruitless) process of configuring our ringlets into some manageable mess morning after morning. Twirl it this way, pin it that way, braid, bun, finally surrendering to either a floppy hat or a messy bun that looks disappointingly unintentional. What if there was a style fit for even the most ill behaved of curls that came sans a 2-digit list of products and damaging tools? Umm…sign us up, please and thank you.

We'll bet you never expected your favorite hairstyle of all to be laying undiscovered right on top of your head—without expensive trips to the salon and confusing Pinterest tutorials. Aligning with the recently popular idea of ‘no-makeup makeup,' we love the idea of wearing your curls as naturally as possible without appearing unkempt. We're not here to tell you that au naturel is necessarily the way to be, nor are we here with a laundry list of gimmicky products that do a whole lot of nothing. As our knowledgeable sister and beauty authority Elle Woods once said: "You have all the equipment…you just need to read the manual."

Really and truly, you should only believe about 2% of the women who claim to be naturally blessed with radiant hair minutes after rolling out of bed, thanks to the genes the good Lord gave them. God is a generous fellow, but even He isn't fooled. Gone are the days of wrangling your locks to resemble that of the ‘chosen ones'—after all, curls and their respected styling processes are not one-size-fits-all. By incorporating a few simple tricks into your daily routine and investing in a few tried-and-true products (approved by fellow curly girls), you can accentuate the best accessory your mama gave you to its fullest potential. For the girl who wants to do as little as possible and let her curls work for her, this one's for you.

Skip the shampoo.

When it comes to curly hair, if not treated properly, your styling process can be doomed from the beginning. Over-washing can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving your strands dry, brittle, and in no shape whatsoever to hold up to intense heat and styling. If removing shampoo from your shopping list makes you feel icky, try to cut down your shampoo sessions to once or twice a week (you certainly shouldn't be washing your hair every day, on that note!), and be sure all parts of your hair regimen are free from sulfates which are notorious for drying out all types of hair.

Protect from heat.

The second you step out of the shower, make it a part of your routine to run a little bit of heat protectant through your hair. If you're in limbo between letting your hair air dry vs. blowing it dry, it's always better to prepare it just in case you have a change of heart. This one is a great lightweight option to work into your routine to protect from damage—and the pretty packaging is a bonus, too!

Work to define, not to downplay.

The one thing that has always driven me crazy about my curls is their lack of ‘oomph' on any given day. Not quite beachy waves and not quite ringlets, you can find just about any type of curl from A to Z atop my head. This curl enhancer by Aveda has become my saving grace in styling my curls post-shower to put them all on the same playing field once it comes time to style. Simply work through your damp hair evenly and give it a little scrunch at the ends for instantly more defined curls.

Texturize and Amplify.

A rule of thumb for curls is ‘the bigger the better'. If you suffer from limp locks or simply are in the mood for a little boost, work a little thickening product through your hair before it dries (this one actually helps expand your strands from roots to ends!), then finish off with a texturizing spray (this one does a great job and smells incredible!) to enhance your hair's natural volume and texture.