Fight the humidity with this simple style.

Southern curly girls know the struggle of dealing with the humidity, especially when it comes to the season of bridal lunches, baby showers, and weddings. It seems like every weekend brings an occasion to do your hair, and – when you're faced with curls that won't cooperate under the spring moisture – it's great to have a style ready to go in a pinch.

This sweet updo from Alabama-based blogger Heather Brown of My Life Well Loved is the easy hairstyle to bring you all the way through the season, no matter what events you're invited to. Heather starts the look with a low side ponytail, using a comb to tease pieces of hair for volume. Then, she loops each section of hair up, pinning with bobby pins around the bun. Once all pieces are pinned, she loosens up the strands and sprays with hairspray to keep the bun in place.

So, next time you're faced with the dilemma of how to wear your hair – give this simple, curly-girl-friendly updo from My Life Well Loved a try. The look takes only a few minutes to master, but you'll be getting plenty of compliments on your curls.