23 Trendy Ways to Style a Middle Part For When You're In a Hair Rut

Middle Part Hairstyles
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We've all been there: sick and tired of the same old hairstyle we've been wearing for months, if not years. However, before you call up your stylist for an emergency visit, think twice about immediately going for those baby bangs. There's no need to jump off the proverbial hair-cutting cliff, especially if you're not so sure what you want. For all of the indecisive, uninspired, or just plain scaredy-cat salon goers out there, we've got a compromise that doesn't require a single snip: You can refresh your locks instantly by simply changing your part. Maybe it's time to explore a middle part.

There's something so effortlessly stylish about a straight-down-the-center part, no matter if you're working with pin-straight strands or voluminous curls. Previously the hottest look of the 1970s, it gives off an instant "cool girl" attitude and frames the face in a most flattering way. So if you're feeling humdrum about your current 'do, consider switching things up with one of these middle part hairstyles. We rounded up 23 dashing ways to style middle part hair to get you started, from fabulously fresh cuts to the best ways to accessorize.

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Waved Chin Bob

Waved Chin Bob

Make a middle part pop even more with a crisp cut featuring sharp, blunt ends. One of our favorite lengths is a bob that hits just below the chin.

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Retro Curly Pony

Curly Pony

Play with your texture by smoothing down a low pony and fluffing up those curly ends. It's the day-to-night look every girl needs.

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No-Hassle Headband

Tie Headband

Dabble in the world of retro accessories with a printed silk scarf headband. It feels like a modern Rosie the Riveter.

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Rounded Bob

Flipped Bob

Another attention-grabbing bob option: this rounded, chin-hugging cut accentuated with a simple middle part and subtle babylights.

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Micro Bob

Middle Part Hairstyles

Short hair and bangs make a middle part more exciting than ever. Ask for piecey fringe and a cheekbone-grazing length.

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Topsy-Tail Braid

Topsy Tail Braid

Headbands are back, baby. Accessorize a topsy-turvy braid with a trendy new pick, and you're set with a quick fix.

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Face-Framing Fringe

Face-Framing Fringe

It's a classic for a reason. This tame take on a shag haircut is just the thing to get you out of a hair rut.

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Relaxed Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail

Keep your ponytail sweet and low, making sure to pull out wispies to frame the face.

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Tendril Topknot


If you're styling second-day hair (or, let's be honest, third-day hair), reach for the dry shampoo and sweep up your locks into a sassy topknot.

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Curtained Low Ponytail

Middle Part Hairstyles

Talk about a show-stopping look that dresses up a simple middle-part hairstyle for any occasion. Add a thin ribbon around the base of the ponytail for extra flair.

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Curly Bangs

Choppy Curly Bob

When in doubt, a little fringe goes a long way, and a middle part provides the perfectly symmetrical canvas upon which to put them.

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Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Bardot bangs can add tons of personality to any length, but they do require a middle part to achieve that super curtained, balanced look.

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Festive Crown Braid

Crown Braid

Frame your face (and middle part!) with a dreamy crown braid. It's the perfect party look.

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70s Feathered Hair

Middle Part Hairstyles

Farrah Fawcett would approve of this remake of her signature hairstyle. It can be achieved by asking for plenty of layering throughout. For styling, put hair in curlers going away from the face and flip your head upside-down to shake them out.

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Free-Styling Barrettes

Chunky Barrettes

Running late? It takes about three seconds to slide these trendy clips into your hair. You'll instantly look like you made an effort.

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Layered Mid-Length

Layered Mid-Length

For a head full of curls, layers are a no-brainer for helping along your natural volume and bounce. From there, a middle part makes it easy to keep the body of your curls balanced and equally dispersed.

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Knotted Pony

Knotted Pony

Kick up your ponytail game with a few—totally intentional—knots.

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Flippy Angles

Face-Framing Length

For the gals who love something short, simple, but still sassy, a slightly angled bob offers all of the above. Use your straightener or curling iron to flip out the ends when styling.

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Space Buns

Boho Buns

A middle part is a must-have for this summer-ready style.

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Breezy Long Layers

Middle Part Hairstyles

A middle part gives you the perfect opportunity to frame your face in a super flattering way, and long, airy layers are the perfect way to do that on a longer length.

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Scrunchie Topper

Scrunchie Bun

Because a scrunchie makes any look a little more fun—you can throw this on to go to the grocery or wear it out on a girls' night.

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Double Buns

Double Buns

Double the buns, double the fun. A middle part makes sure that both of your low buns are equal in size.

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Quick Half-Up


A bun cuff instantly makes any look more stylish. Start with your fingers at your temples and draw them up into a half-topknot. Voilá!

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