Summer frizz prevention starts the moment you step out of the shower. 

By Brennan Long
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DevaTowel MicroFiber Hair Towel
Credit: DevaCurl

Every curly-haired girl understands that frizz prevention is a Full. Time. Job. If you've ever spent a summer down South, you know that fighting the humidity requires some overtime. Since I would rather not spend my days hiding in my air-conditioned apartment until my hair dries, I rely on a few quick fixes to get me to September.

One of my no-fail secrets? I stopped using a traditional terry towel. I found that the rough texture wreaks havoc on my strands causing even more unwanted frizz. In college I picked up Deva Curl's Microfiber DevaTowel and I've never looked back.

The soft, tightly woven fabric gently dries my hair without undoing all the anti-frizz efforts of my co-washing routine. As an added bonus, this gem of a product also cuts down on air-drying time. Meaning I no longer have to wait a lifetime to venture out into public (My grandmother strongly disapproved of me going anywhere with wet hair and I have never forgotten it).

On the days that I don't have my DevaTowel handy, I have found that a soft (clean!) t-shirt works as an excellent substitute. My hair doesn't dry quite as fast, but the gentle cotton fibers still keep my strands looking smooth. I would like to take a moment to publicly apologize to my sister for turning a few of her t-shirts into hair drying devices. I am possibly giving you a hint that I would like some new DevaTowels for my birthday.

Now that this has become an anti-frizz PSA, I'll go ahead and share the three other products that complete my curl-power arsenal. I start the smoothing process with John Frieda's Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum. Next I use Bumble and Bumble's BB Curl Defining Creme to bring volume and definition to my natural curls. When my hair is completely dry, I finish with a healthy serving of Living Proof's Humidity Shield. I may not be the next Truvy Jones, but it's tried-and-true products like these that helped me embrace my natural curls year-round.