8 Great Updos For Medium Length Hair

Easy and Pretty Updo
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If chopping your hair to your chin sounds intimidating but maintaining healthy strands at Rapunzel length is impossible, a medium length hairstyle is exactly what you need. With haircuts like the lob and the new shag in style, right now is the time for styles with medium lengths. Not having long hair doesn't mean you can't style it in a fabulous updo.

Updos might sound too dressy for everyday, but these are the trendiest medium length updos for your real lifestyle. These quick updos for medium length hair cover every scenario your busy life encounters, and there's no salon visit required.

Whether you're in the market for a messy bun for running errands, a stylish French twist for holiday parties, or a boho, braided look for day or night, these updo ideas are fast and doable. These updos are gorgeous options for styling those popular medium-length haircuts.

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Tutorial: Low Rolled Updo

Low Rolled Updo

This low style is ideal, as it goes from day to night. Perfect for a day of virtual meetings without looking too buttoned up, you are also ready for drinks with friends. Your style is easy breezy with this updo.

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Tutorial: Textured French Twist

Textured French Twist
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With a textured style, your medium hair will appear longer than it is. Your locks will feel controlled but relaxed in this take on a French braid. Just a few steps will get your do into updo, and you will be styled and ready for anything.

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Tutorial: Quick Curly Updo

Quick Curly Updo
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Got curls? Never fret. For our medium-length girls with curls, this two-minute hairstyle is for you. You will be able to tame your mane, and still show off those voluptuous curls.

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Tutorial: Classy Pony

Classy Pony

This ponytail looks a little dressier than your workout look, but it's just as quick to style. You need to be willing to tease it up before you bind it, but the time invested is not much, and the result is polished and stylish.

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Tutorial: Knotted Updo

Knotted Updo
Pinterest/Twist Me Pretty

This is a cute, casual updo that will keep your hair in check on busy days. The basic approach is to section your hair off and twist into four buns. It's just that easy!

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Tutorial: Tucked Fishtail Braid Updo

Tucked Fishtail Braid Updo
Pinterest/Missy Sue

A fishtail braid is always fetching, and this style looks dressy enough to wear to a wedding or party, but it's easy enough to wear for work, too. Once perfected, it just might be the dress-me-up look you are seeking.

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Tutorial: Twisted Chignon

Twisted Chignon
Pinterest/Style Me Pretty

Nothing could be more classic than a chignon. This twisted updo will look so classy at holiday parties, but as with many of these updos for medium length hair, making this a more everyday style is easily done. Twist it up and look your best.

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Tutorial: Easy Three-Bun Updo

Easy Three-Bun Updo
Pinterest/A Beautiful Mess

The backcombing in this updo is definitely the trick to keeping everything in place. This look really works even when your hair is super messy or more textured and doesn’t take much longer to do than a regular bun.

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