Call Off the Hunt! We Found the Official Haircut of Summer 2018

And this is the exact photo you need to show your hairstylist when you ask for it.

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Medium Length Lob
Photo: Pinterest

Are we the only ones who like a little length during the summer? It might sound counterintuitive to let those bobs grow into lobs with another oppressively hot Southern summer on the horizon, but if we can't pull it up once the mercury hits the low 90s then we want none of it. Let us remind you of that feeling when a small tendril of hair has somehow wrapped itself halfway around your neck, plastered to your skin like a barnacle on a buoy.

We're going to let that imagery linger for a moment.

When it comes to our summer hairstyles, the ability to pull it up and off the neck is absolutely imperative. Unless we're talking super short pixie cuts, those in-between lengths just don't vibe with our summer forecast. That's why we let out an audible squeal when we started perusing our favorite inspiration boards for our new summer look and saw that one photo after another featured the medium-length cut of our dreams.

We know you're wondering what can possibly make a medium cut so ground breaking. Let us explain. This is more than just a medium-length haircut—it's more like a longer, more luxurious lob. Let's call it the Lob XLE.

It has all the bells and whistles of the lob—flattering on nearly all face shapes, blunt ends that give the illusion of thicker hair, plenty of movement, and body to spare—but it's longer, much longer. In a word, this cut is exactly how you'll be able to pull off longer hair this summer without sacrificing an inch of style.

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Curl it, wave it, air dry it, just make sure you have plenty of texture spray around because the Lob XLE was made for that tousled, sea-salt styled look we love.

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