Low-Maintenance Hair Colors That Let You Skip the Salon

bronde, low maintenance hair colors
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Try as we might, whenever we sit down in that salon chair to get our hair colored, we can't help but feel as though we've signed our soul over to monthly touch-ups or hiding grown-out roots. The commitment made after getting a high-maintenance color is unlike any other outside the bond of matrimony. When the roots start showing, we're not always booked at the salon that week, nor do we eagerly anticipate the task. So we've been thinking: Why don't we just color our hair strategically in ways that blend with our natural hair and eliminate the endless hours (and dollars) spent at the salon for upkeep? These low-maintenance hair colors show the types of highlights and shades that can make your life just a tiny bit easier. It's officially time to turn those salon trips from monthly to seasonal.

Once you've found the low-maintenance hair color that best works for you, be sure to care for it correctly between appointments. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with not washing your hair every day are must-do steps between appointments, hair colorist Lacey Coleman says. If you can avoid using heat tools above 375°F your color will thank you, she adds.

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This warm shade is achieved by blending a few different shades, such as golden blonde, rich caramels, and toasty chestnuts. The darker brown on top results in a natural, soft look that grows out flawlessly.

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blonding, low maintenance hair colors

Aside from this fabulous short haircut, the color is swoon worthy. This client visits for a touch up every 12 to 16 weeks, hair colorist Lacey Coleman says.

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Lived In

Lived In

Celebrity hair stylist Johnny Ramirez coined this technique, and it's been called a "six-month hair color." He insists it's neither balayage nor ombre, but rather a fluid head of highlights (using his blurring technique) that often fall in the bronde or blondette category of shades.

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Freehand Blonde Balayage with Ashy Roots

blonde balayage ashy roots, low maintenance hair colors

A balayage is a great low-maintenance hair color option if you're looking for a subtle refresh in your hair. Ask your stylist for their opinion on what highlight colors would best suit your natural color. A balayage with a deeper root color will grow out seamlessly without harsh lines.

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Platinum Freehand Balayage

platinum balayage, low maintenance hair colors

Hello golden tresses! We love the warm and cool tone contrast in this balayage done by stylist Coryn Neylon. Color will last twice as long with balayage highlighting.

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Honey and Caramel Root Melt

honey and caramel root melt, low maintenance hair color

This gorgeous color is accomplished through a combination of highlights and freehand balayage. A color melt that gradually lightens from the roots blends everything together and softens the look for easy grow out.

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bronde, low maintenance hair colors

Bronde is the melding of brown and blonde hair colors to create a natural-appearing, sun-kissed finish. The best part about this color? You can rock it all year while only needing to step into the salon twice for touch ups.

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Brunette to Blonde Color Melt

brunette to blonde color melt, low maintenance hair colors

If you're looking to kick up the contrast on your brunette tresses, opt for bright highlights and balayage. Blending the roots allows the whole color to last longer.

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teasylights, low maintenance hair colors

Teasylights are the ultimate highlight combination. The look comes together by teasing the hair and then treating it with balayage highlights and traditional foil highlights.

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Brightened Framing

brightened framing, low maintenance hair colors

This is yet another blended highlight look—can you tell we're obsessed? We're especially fond of the platinum pieces framing this client's face.

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Gradual Blonde Melt

gradual blonde melt, low maintenance hair colors

This look is summer embodied in a hair color. Warmth at the ends balances with the cooler tones of this client's natural roots for a look that ages like fine wine.

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