One spritz, no backcombing.

By Patricia Shannon
May 04, 2018
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I've been in a committed relationship with my Sephora Boar Teaser for about 2 years now. I can assure you, we were entirely happy together and neither one of us was looking for something more, but it seems fate had other plans. The day Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast landed on my desk my hair styling process changed forever—sorry, Mr. Teaser.

We're fans of Living Proof around here. If you haven't tried their range yet, you should go ahead and give them a go. From the Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler to the No Frizz Humidity Shield, Living Proof's hair loving lineup is a no-brainer. So when a sleek gray bottle landed at SL HQ, we knew it was time to shake and spray on the nearest strands in need of a boost.

I followed the directions to a T: shake, hold 10-inches from dry hair, spray, tousle, top with an extra coat. The finished product was hair lifted at the roots, all-over manageable volume, and style that stayed—no backcombing required. Because I was able to eliminate the frictional process of teasing, it cut back on hair damage and breakage almost immediately. And that texture, well, it's the secret ingredient in my (self-proclaimed) perfectly undone ponytails.

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The best part? The lifted look that was made possible with just a few quick spritzes would typically call for the trio of Southern hair heavy hitters: teasing comb, texture spray, and hairspray. We're happy to say that this vavoom-in-a-bottle is the fastest way to volume and it's a pure solo act.