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My Mom Officially Ditched Dry Shampoo for This Volume Spray

It’s that good, y’all.
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I've written at length about the beauty products I've attempted to steal from my mom when I visit her. I never get away with it, but you'd try, too if you saw her vanity. Now it's basically an inside joke. Anytime we're together, she pulls an eyebrow pen from her purse or sets a bottle of lotion on my dresser, claiming this is her favorite purchase of the moment. There's obviously no one I trust more for recommendations, so I borrow the product for the weekend and reluctantly return it before packing my bags to go home.

On my most recent voyage to Mama's house, I was trying to decide whether to wash my hair before dinner or just do a "spit bath" and give the blow dryer a break.

"I have just the thing," she said. "It's even better than dry shampoo!"

Unsure what could be better than dry shampoo for my circumstance, I was intrigued.

"I call it 'the fluffer.'" After several minutes of laughing way too hard at her word choice, I had to get an explanation for her new product's nickname.

My mom now prefers Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast for times when she would normally reach for dry shampoo. Though not a dry shampoo itself, this styling spray does so much more to wake up a long day's hair. As her moniker for it suggests, Dry Volume Blast does an incredible job of "fluffing" tired and flat hair.

The vegan formula is free of parabens, silicone, and phthalate, and its packaging is made with recyclable materials. The lightweight spray is buildable, so you can add more layers depending how much "fluff" you want. Of course, if your hair is really in need of a fix, you can use Dry Volume Blast after your favorite dry shampoo for clean hair and added oomph. If my mom's word isn't enough, there are thousands on positive reviews online that back her up, like one reviewer who said, "I will never be without it!" and another who claimed, "This product is a lifesaver!" We have a feeling Dolly would approve of the volume you're going to get with this product. Time to get fluffy, y'all!

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast
Credit: Amazon

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast

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