20 Sweet, No-Fuss Haircuts For Little Girls

Wavy Bob
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Little girls. They're sweet as pie when they want to be and have more personality than their tiny bodies can handle. But they come by it honestly, and there's no debating they get it from their mamas.

You know what else they learned from Mama? The importance of a good haircut. This compilation of little girl hairstyle inspiration has it all. Each and every one of these haircuts for little girls are designed to let their natural texture and hair type shine.

Just as a look for any woman should somehow embody her personality, these options will make that inner light shine. Whether we're talking about bangs or short haircuts for little girls, these cute cuts are truly all about making her confidence the star.

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Shoulder-Length Tight Curls With Side Part

Shoulder-Length Curls with Side Part

We love a side part all the time, but it's something extra special when paired with tight, shoulder-length curls. Take your girl's curls from a unruly to a bit more orderly and coiffed with this adorable look. She'll be more than ready for the class birthday party or the much anticipated dance recital.

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Long Waves With A Side Part

Long, Side-Parted Waves

If you are daring enough to keep her hair long, why not make the most of that length? We've got your number with this long look. Her tresses will play the starring role, and luckily, her youthful strands need no product.

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Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob
Getty/Courtney Hale

Fine, straight hair gets an instant boost with a stacked bob that has just a hint of height in the back. Make sure the front pieces are long enough to tuck behind her ears or pin up when it's time for serious play. This cut makes getting out the door in the morning a breeze.

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Chin-Length Tight Curls

Chin-Length Tight Curls
Getty/Siri Stafford

Let them hang loose, tie them up in a bun with the sweetest tendrils hanging down, or go for a half-up style. This length serves to accommodate, and no matter how her chin-length curls are styled, they'll always be just right.

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Fine, Shoulder-Length Curls With Long Bangs

Fine, Shoulder-Length Curls with Bangs
Getty/Cecile Lavabre

Bangs and curls might be a tricky mix for the grown-ups, but they're golden for little ones. For a little girl, bangs allow for easy style, and bring a bit of polish. Her surrounding curls are given the freedom to remain playful.

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Chin-Length Angled Bob

Chin-Length Angled Bob
Getty/Laura Olivas

What we wouldn't give for an ounce of that bounce. This chin-length cut is a universal fit for just about ever hair type. We love the slightly angled element for a little age-appropriate take on the trend.

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Layered Shoulder-Length Curls

Layered Shoulder-Length Curls
GettyGetty/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Let curls do their thing with a longer cut that features subtle, face-framing layers. Should you need to pull her hair back or trick it into an updo, the layers are long enough to be held back without too much help from barrettes or bobby pins.

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Slightly Asymmetrical Lob

Slightly Asymmetrical Lob
Getty/Rebecca Nelson

If you're looking for a haircut that's perfectly accented with a bow, this asymmetrical lob is the answer. The length will aid in keeping her tangle-free, and It will work with just about any hair type (and any bow variety).

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Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie
Getty/ Misael Rosario / EyeEm

We just can't handle this picture-perfect cut. It's sweet when styled with a headband, but just as adorable without any hair accessories. Need we mention the added bonus of shorter curls being easier to manage?

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Blunt, Side-Parted Bob

Straight Bob with Bangs
Getty/Image by Dan Swift

The angles on this bob act like a picture frame around her face—highlighting each and every one of her many expressions. This is swingy and easy, and we are happy to hear you are about to save a lot more time in the effort to keep her crown orderly.

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Long, Relaxed Curls

Long, Relaxed Curls
Getty/ Roger Wright

The possibilities are endless with long, curly hair. Let it flow in the wind, try one of our favorite braids, or twirl it up in a ballerina bun for special occasions. Make sure she gets that she is rocking a mermaid look, and she might take a little better care when playing with her hair.

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Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob
Getty/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Who says the little ones get to have all the fun? We love this long, blunt bob for tweens. There are plenty of styling options whether she wants to wear it up, down, curled, or waved. It's the perfect choice for when the age of self-expression starts to hit.

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Asymmetrical Lob With Side Bangs

Asymmetrical Lob with Side Bangs
Getty/ Laura Olivas

A cute and bouncy bob is accented with bangs parted on the side. This will look just lovely on any little girl, but if you're looking for a cut that will perfectly suit her full and voluminous strands, this one is an absolute match made in heaven.

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Blunt, Shoulder-Length Cut

Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut
Getty/Karin Dreyer

Skip the layers for a shoulder-grazing style that doesn't call for even a hint of layering. No-fuss isn't the half of it. You'll be able to get out the door with little more than a careful comb-through.

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Bob with Baby Bangs

Bob with Baby Bangs

There is one crew that actually looks good in baby bangs and that's the pint-sized set. There's something about those little features that are just begging for the most of face-framing fringe. The light in her eyes will appear especially bright with this look.

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Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob
Getty/Catherine Delahaye

Let's get something straight: Even the subtlest of wavy hair has its own story to tell. Before she starts asking you to blow it out or add in a few barrel curls for her first dance, take full advantage of these easy breezy days with a cut that lets her sweet baby waves sing.

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High-Low Haircut

haircuts for little girls

Bloom Hair Design

Medium haircuts for little girls often consist of clean, blunt bobs. But take into consideration that your little one deserves a style that’s trending. Switch up the normal go-to and give her an angled bob that’s edgy but cute. This cut is super easy to style, so busy moms can relax.

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Medium With V-Cut Layers

haircuts for little girls

Alison Kimmel

Haircuts for little girls, especially for medium length hair, come in abundant options. When it comes to hair that is thick and long, try a trending cut with sharp angled layers among the ends. This fun fringe will be the perfect accompaniment to her bright personality.

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Messy Choppy Bob

haircuts for little girls

We're giving another nod to teens here with this sassy yet chic approach to the bob. You know the last thing your girl wants to be is boring. Opt for a more trendy choppy messy bob instead of the standard a-line.

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A Cut For Ultra Fine Hair

haircuts for little girls

Moms who are still grooming ultra fine baby hair will love the way this light, layered haircut will make morning detangling so much easier. Instead of long hair that might appear stringy due to its fine texture, this feathered style will keep finer strands under control.

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